6 Tips to Remember Before Traveling to Morocco

Some basic tips to remember when planning to travel to Morocco are: prepare your visa and passport ahead of time, respect Moroccan culture, wear appropriate clothing, hydrate yourself, avoid illegal drugs, and find a reliable tour guide.

Morocco can prove to be a memorable place to go on vacation. Its collection of rich natural scenery and historical spots draw in tourists every year. Accommodations at Moroccan hotels and apartments Tangier are exceptional, and the diversified Moroccan cuisine is a must-try. To fully enjoy your Moroccan vacation it is important to observe a few tips and know what you must expect during your visit.

Prepare your visa and passport ahead of time

Tourists coming from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom are not required to have a visa when traveling to Morocco. Travelers from other countries will need to visit the Moroccan Embassy and secure a tourist visa. Passports will be valid for six months or more upon arriving at Morocco. Passports are stamped to signify that you are allowed to stay in the country for 90 days.

Respect Moroccan culture

It pays to remember that Morocco is an Islamic country and that their religion is a vital part of their culture and everyday life. It is important to observe certain restrictions in behavior. Overt public displays of affection might not be looked at favorably by Moroccans and homosexuality is considered illegal. Tourists are only allowed to enter and visit mosques and religious places if they are Muslim. However, there are certain historical mosques that are not restricted to non-Muslim tourists.

Wear appropriate clothing

Because Morocco is an Islamic country, their citizens dress conservatively. Tourists should respect this custom and do the same. Women must wear modest clothing and avoid short, skimpy and overly-revealing outfits. Swimwear should be worn only in appropriate places, such as at the pool or beach. It is not advisable to wear and flaunt jewelry and other valuables.

Hydrate yourself

Because Morocco has a very dry climate, it is a good idea to have a bottle of clean water handy. It is not advisable to drink from the tap. Fruit juices are also a must-try when visiting this country. Morocco has a wide array of delicious fruits to offer. Although Morocco is not as strict in its alcohol regulations compared to other Islamic countries, alcoholic beverages are still closely controlled and are expensive.

Avoid illegal drugs

Morocco is infamous for producing kif and hashish, otherwise known as Marijuana, and distributing other illegal drugs in certain parts of its cities. Drug use is strictly prohibited, and penalties are enforced upon violators. Avoid areas in the city or out of town that are notorious for selling these drugs, as you might end up incarcerated.

Find a reliable tour guide

If you think you need a tour guide, it is advisable that you consult the tourist office or the hotel accommodating you to refer you to one. Unofficial tour guides are considered illegal in Morocco. Do not get a tour guide straight from the streets or trust anyone who is following you around; this will save you the trouble of getting harassed, overcharged or even becoming victim to petty theft.

Morocco can be an enjoyable and exciting place to spend a vacation. This is even more true if you know how to prepare yourself for the trip.


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