Web sites with Authentic Florida Gators Jersey

There are several Web sites available online for authentic Florida Gators jerseys. The top sites that sell jerseys directly are gatorzone.teamfanshop.com, footballfanatics.com, secstore.com, and amazon.com.

Here is a list of the top Web sites that directly sell authentic Florida Gators jerseys.


This is the official Web site store of the Florida Gators. When it comes to buying merchandise from your favorite team, it’s always best to check out its official site first. This site offers a three-day delivery for only $4.99 for any order size. They also offer amazing guarantees, such as shouldering for the return shipment should they get your order wrong and adding $10 to your online store account, which you can use on your next purchase on their site. They also have a guarantee in place for on-time shipping (it’s $10 if they are delayed for even a day), and will also credit $10 to your account should the order that is shipped be incomplete. This site is powered by Football Fanatics Inc, which claimed to be the world’s largest fan gear store.


Given their impressive selection of merchandise from different teams, they claim to be the world’s largest fan gear store is easily true. And good news to Florida residents, the site’s offices are based in Florida, so should there be any concerns, it can easily be tended to. They also offer the same guarantees as the team fan shop on gatorzone.com when it comes to correct and complete orders and timely shipping. Football Fanatics has a good reputation online as a reliable site for your online purchases when it comes to merchandises from your favorite football team, especially the Florida Gators.


This is the official online store for the Southeastern Conference or SEC, providing SEC fans access to merchandise from their favorite SEC teams. Powered by TeamFanshop Inc, the same company behind Football Fanatics, it offers the same retail price and shipping rates and guarantees that Football Fanatics and the Gatorzone online store offer.


As America’s number 1 online retailer, Amazon is the go-to site when it comes to online purchases. And if you’re used to purchasing items on Amazon, then you might prefer to make your purchases here due to familiarity, no need to sign up for a new account in an online store. The Florida Gators merchandises being sold on Amazon.com is still from Football Fanatics, offering the same retail price and flat rate for shipping all over the country. The only downside to using Amazon would that the guarantees offered from the previous three sites listed is no longer available here.

The Internet is a great and convenient place to shop, especially when it comes to your favorite authentic Florida Gators jerseys. You can always choose where you want to make your purchase and check out their items, all without leaving the comforts of your home. And now you’ve got a list of site that you can check so you can make your purchases online.

For more information about Gator gear visit Sports Fan Treasures.


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