Where to Find Florida Gators Baby Car Seat Cover

When looking for customized baby accessories like car seat cover with Florida Gators logo, visit the following stores online for availability: eBay, Amazon, Shopping, Toddlers Teams, BizRate, Car-Seat, and Shop.

It is a usual practice to pick a theme when buying baby’s stuff from clothing, to feeding accessories, to car seat cover. It could be a Disney carton character or your favorite sports team like the Florida Gators. For convenience in shopping for customized baby car seat accessories, check on the following sites namely:

eBay – cgi.ebay.com

Here at eBay, you can get baby infant car seat carrier with Florida Gator cover for only $24.99. You can have a customize baby seat cover according to your chosen fabric.

Amazon – amazon.com

Get that Florida Gators Marathon convertible car seat cover at Amazon, which is manufactured by Britax at a price of $84.99. You can also avail of their baby car seat at a separate cost.

Shopping – shopping.com

Aside from baby seat covers, several Florida Gators items like head rests, back towel, and carrier seats are featured at shopping.com.

Toddlers Teams – toddlerteams.com

This is an exclusive distributor of Britax’s products like baby car seats and accessories. All your baby accessories are easy to find because this is one shopping place specializing on all sorts of baby needs. You have the option to choose the team and logo in your seat cover like the Florida Gators, which is a means of customizing your baby’s stuff.

BizRate – bizrate.com

BizRate features customized baby accessories such as the Florida Gators from Britax manufacturer. This is a convenient place to shop online because both the car seat and seat cover are available.

Car-Seat – car-seat.org

If you opt to choose a cheaper one, you can check on used items at car-seat.org. The seat cover comes in one set including the harness and pads.

Shop – shop.com

Another online store where you can find a baby car seat cover with Florida Gators’ logo is at shop.com. This is a brand new seat cover for infant carrier with blue and orange colors representing the FL team. Due to popularity, stocks are almost running out with only two more left.

For more information about Gator gear visit Sports Fan Treasures.


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