Where to Find Texas Longhorns Bath Suit for Women

It’s not that easy to find, but there are a few Web sites online that have a selection of Texas Longhorns bath suit, or swimwear. Sportsfantreasures.com offers a wide selection of swimwear. Longhornplanet.com also has available stock on Texas Longhorns swimwear.

Loyalty to our school’s teams doesn’t just end when the game is over and we leave the field, especially not for the women. Here are a couple of sites that offer stocks on Texas Longhorns swimwear that proudly show off the team’s colors of burnt orange and white.


This site has a rather extensive inventory of Texas Longhorns bath suits for women, ranging from a two-piece bikini (and you can choose to buy either the top or the bottom or both bikini pieces) and even a cover-up dress. Plain-colored bikinis are either of burnt-orange color with white details for the team name and the logo or in reverse – white background with orange details. Prices range from $33 to 50$, excluding shipping.

Sportsfantreasures.com has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you up to 14 days to ship back your item if you happen to be dissatisfied with the Texas Longhorns merchandise that you received. Afterward, they’ll be giving you a full refund to your credit card for the amount you paid for it. They offer 100% refund should they mistakenly send you the wrong merchandise. And if you decide to return the item for any reason, even to say not liking it, you can still send it back and be refunded for the amount you paid for the order; however, shipping and handling will no longer be part of the refund.


Considered an online Mom and Pop store, they specialize in top-quality Texas Longhorns merchandise. They offer to provide customers with an easy-to-use system and the highest level of customer service that they can give, making themselves available to customers by phone or by e-mail. The advantage of using this site is that it is dedicated to Texas Longhorns merchandise. Stocks are subject to availability, and upon checking this site, they were only selling the bikini bottoms at $37.99. However, with their guarantee of superior customer service, they might be able to get a hold of other Texas Longhorns bath suit for women should you call them and ask.

For more information about Texas Longhorns merchandise visit Sports Fan Treasures.


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