5 Amazing Facts about Argan Oil

5 amazing facts that you should know about Argan oil are that it is obtained from the seeds of the rare Argan tree, it has numerous health and beautifying effects, the manual procedure of producing Argan oil is laborious, mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently, and Argan oil provides Berber women a sustainable means of livelihood.

Argan oil is fast carving its own niche in today’s beauty and health industry. There are many Argan oil benefits, and because of them, some people consider this natural oil a miracle treatment. To better appreciate the wonder of Argan oil, you should know these amazing facts about it:

It is obtained from the seeds of the rare Argan tree

Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree which is endemic to Morocco. Because of heavy exploitation, Argan trees have dwindled to less than 50% over the last century. The trees are now considered endangered and are a part of the World Heritage List. There are several companies and distribution outlets that coordinate with Moroccan cooperatives in order to preserve Argan trees and to make sure that the extraction process of the oils is environmentally-safe.

It has numerous health and beautifying effects

Argan oil is high in oleic acid, which is known to help regulate cholesterol. The monosaturated fat content of this natural oil is great for lowering bad cholesterol. Other than its nutritional benefits for the body, it also has beautifying effects. Argan oil is known to be a rich source of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant well known for combating the aging process.

The manual process of producing Argan oil is laborious

The manual production method of Argan oil is a tradition perfected by local Berber women and is notable for being a long and laborious process. The first step involves the extraction of nuts of the fruits. The kernels are then collected by cracking the nuts’ shells which is the most time-consuming step in the process. The collected kernels are subsequently roasted using mild heat. After which, they are cooled and ground in a stone quern which is then mixed with water to form a dough. The meticulous way of producing Argan oil coupled with its numerous benefits results in a pricey end product.

Mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently

Mechanical presses have been recently integrated in the production of Argan oil. These devices are used to extract Argan oil in a considerably shorter period of time. After roasting the kernels, they are ground and extracted using the mechanical press. Because water is no longer mixed with the oil, it can be kept in storage much longer. Despite improvements in the production process of Argan oil, the most time consuming procedure,the cracking of the nuts, is still completed by hand.

Argan oil provides Berber women a sustainable means of livelihood

Other than the personal benefits that Argan oil has to offer, consumers of this product will be glad to know that it also gives social benefits to the women who produce it. Argan oil gives Berber women a sustainable livelihood and an opportunity of earning fair wages in a country where equal rights are not yet fully established. These Berber women formed cooperatives which are responsible for producing and controlling Argan oil products and making sure that the production techniques used are sustainable.

Argan oil’s many benefits make it an amazing addition to anyone’s beauty and health regimen.

5 Amazing Facts about Argan Oil


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