5 Signs that Confirm You Are Marrying the Right Person

You will know if you are marrying the right person if you and your partner are honest with each other; you both maintain open communication with each other; your potential spouse is supportive; your better half shares common priorities, goals, values, and thoughts on critical issues with you; and you agree with each other on issues regarding sex, intimacy, and affection.

Aside from the obviously wrong people to marry, such as those with  who are adulterous, participate in illegal activities, are abusive, and other intolerably unpleasant behaviors, it may be tough to find out if you are really marrying the right person. You may start to wonder if a marriage will works out for both of you. The following tips and indications can serve as great marriage advice for men and women to help determine if you are right for each other for the long term:

You and your partner are honest with each other

You are indeed on the right track if your partner is truly honest with you. Not only should your spouse be honest when it comes admitting mistakes, but your partner should  be honest with himself or herself all throughout your relationship. He or she should not be pretentious about actions and opinions just to please you. If you spot signs of insincerity, you might want to think twice. On the other hand, if you cannot be completely honest with your partner or to yourself about your relationship, he or she may not be the right one for you.

You both maintain open communication with each other

You are marrying the right person if you are both open to each other regardless of the issue. A healthy relationship is governed by keeping communication lines open. This even applies to friends. If you do not have this foundation of friendship, your marriage may not work at all. By now, you should be able to see if you are able to talk about anything under the sun. You should be able to tell if you both play well as the one speaking and the other is listening, which is very important when it comes to relationships.

Your potential spouse is supportive

Happiness is one of the ultimate goals we have in life, as well as in relationships. Although you can’t expect your marriage to be perfect, the sum of your union must be a happy and constructive one. Your partner must be able to help you find happiness by emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually supporting you.

You share common priorities, goals, values, and thoughts on critical issues

Marriage is not just a simple union, but a togetherness that is intended to be shared until death do you part. Both of you must strive to make your relationship last, but if in the first place, your directions in life are different, you may not be the ones for each other. You can tell that you are meant for each other when you share common goals and priorities, respect the same values, and share the same thoughts on critical issues. It is fine to have different views on some issues, but there are some delicate matters pertaining to your relationship that you must share in common. For example, you must be agreeable to each other when it comes to having children or when it comes to your jobs, otherwise, you will end up arguing with each other regularly, which is likely to lead to a break up.

You and your spouse agree with each other in terms of sex, intimacy, and affection

Sex and intimacy in marriage brings fire to your relationship. But most importantly, it is a human need you both must fulfill for each other. If you do not agree with each other when it comes to this aspect, it could pose a great problem. Affection, on the other hand, is as important to make each other feel loved, treasured, and respected. A bouquet of flowers or other material gifts are not often necessary. But simple words and deeds that show you truly love each other are enough to keep your marriage lasting.

Love is the fuel in marriage. Without all the things mentioned above, you may not truly be in love with each other. When you see some of the things mentioned missing in your relationship, you may not be marrying the right person.


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