5 Things You Need to Know about Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed was patented by William L. Murphy on June 27, 1916; it has two variations in the way it is stored; it is available in different sizes; it is making a comeback and becoming more popular again; and you can configure your Murphy bed to have more features.

Wall beds are classic pieces of furniture that were in vogue in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Typically, this type of bed is hinged vertically against a closet or wall and can be easily folded up for storage when not needed. Wall beds are popularly known as Murphy beds in North America and are a space-saving innovation. These beds are practical choices for people living in condominiums and other limited spaces. They are also great for instantly turning any room of the house into a sleeping quarter. Through the years, Sacramento murphy beds evolved to provide different variations with more features. Here are additional things that you need to know about this specialty furniture:

Murphy beds were patented by William L. Murphy on June 27, 1916

William Laurence Murphy applied for a patent on April 1, 1916 for his Murphy bed design. On June 27, 1916 he was granted Design Patent D49, 273. He then founded the Murphy Wall Bed Company and started production of the beds in San Francisco. In 1990, the company’s name was changed to Murphy Bed Co. Inc, and the company headquarters was moved to Farmingdale, New York.

A Murphy bed has two variations in the way it is stored

Murphy beds have 2 variations depending on the way they are folded and stored, the more common one being the vertical type of Murphy bed. There is also a horizontal type of this bed which is raised horizontally and can be folded or stored horizontally on its side. The horizontal variation works well in spaces or rooms that have low ceilings or overhangs.

Murphy beds are available in different sizes

Like the traditional bed, Murphy beds also have different size variations. They may come in standard mattress sizes like single, double, queen size and king size. Some Murphy bed companies use sizing variations like twin, full, queen and Eastern King.

The Murphy bed is making a comeback in recent years

In the 1950’s Murphy beds saw a decline in demand and popularity when people could afford larger homes and had the luxury of owning bigger living spaces. In recent years, however, this specialty furniture is making a comeback because more people are moving into the city and are living in condominiums, studio apartments and other living quarters with limited space. Additionally, real estate is quite expensive in the suburbs and more so in large cities so homeowners prefer small lot sizes and maximize space in different ways like using space-saving furniture. Murphy beds are also becoming popular in facilities like homeless shelters, fire stations and hospitals.

You can configure Murphy beds to have more features

Murphy beds have become more than just space-saving beds because they can also be configured to have more features like matching storage compartments, dressers, book cases, shelves and many others. Some Murphy bed companies have a wide range of bed models that buyers can choose from depending on their need and aesthetic preferences.

Murphy beds were conceived in a time when space in the home needed to be more efficiently used. Even after many years, these special beds continue to serve this need.


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