8 Helpful Tips for Surviving Military Basic Training

Getting through military basic training takes a lot perseverance. To help you get through this tough training, you need to get as much rest as you can before training, always keep your mouth shut, follow exact orders, learn to play by the rules, eat all food prepared for you, never take things personally, never give up, and be nice to your fellow trainees.

Being a part of military schools is much more difficult than you think it is or than what others say about it. Even though there will always be surprises no matter how hard you prepare, it will help to know what to expect. Here are some tips that will help you get through military basic training:

Get as much rest as you can before training

Before you start your training, make sure you get enough rest. Make sure you relax and do things you enjoy. Eat right and do not exhaust yourself physically. This will help keep you in the right condition for the rigorous military training to come.

Always keep your mouth shut

It seems this has always been the number one tip coming from those who have been through military basic training. Keep your mouth shut at all times unless they ask you something. Never seek sympathy,and never ever whine; otherwise you will be ridiculed and resented throughout your training. It is all part of the training and you need to get used to it.

Follow exact orders

In the military, you are trained to be disciplined and obedient at all times. Do exactly what you are told to do–word for word. Never miss a thing they tell you to do, and never make shortcuts, or you will suffer the consequences. Stay focused and do not panic when orders come on top of the other. Be attentive and be quick at all times. Never be left behind, or you will not make it through training. On the other hand, never volunteer for additional chores. Again, do just as you are told, no more and no less.

Learn to play by the rules

In the military, the whole company is punished for the mistake of one soldier, so it pays well to play by the rules. Conform with the right daily routine, such as making up your bed and folding your clothes, and perform your chores correctly to avoid punishment.

Eat all food prepared for you

Everything you need in military training is given to you, and it is all up to you to make use of the resources they give you, including food. You will be physically exhausted every single day of your training, and you need to keep yourself fit all the time. Eat all the food served in the mess hall to keep up with your body’s needs. You probably even need to get used to vomiting several times during the first few days.

Never take things personally

Everything that is going on in boot camp is all part of the training, so never take things personally. The way drill instructors, or DIs, deal with you or even punish you is a way of instilling discipline, obedience, loyalty, sacrifice, and all the right attitudes it takes to be a soldier.

Never give up

No matter how physically and psychologically exhausted you are, never give up. It is not the attitude of a military soldier to just give up. Finish what you have started and prove to others that you can make it. If you think you are not willing to make as many sacrifice as you will be asked to make, then basic training is not for you.

Be nice to your fellow trainees

It is not just you who goes through rigorous and somewhat rough military basic training, and it is not going to make things better to go against your fellow trainees. Instead, be nice to them and try to fit in. Military training is more than just developing discipline, obedience, and physical strength, but also teamwork and loyalty among fellows.

Other practical tips for surviving military basic training include the following:

* Learn to do all things quickly, such as eating a meal in two to three minutes, showering in less than two minutes, making your bed in no time, and other chores.
* Drink a lot of water. You do not want to get dehydrated for arduous physical training.
*Bring only what you need. Do not bring unnecessary things like food or reading materials, except Koran, Bible, etc.
*Bring comfortable shoes, since you will be standing a lot.
*Wear two pairs of boots alternately. Use one pair while trying to dry up the other. Do not wait for one pair to get destroyed and have no spare one to use while training.
*Study well.

As they say, no matter how hard you prepare, there will always be a lot of surprises when you get to military basic training. Learning these things, however, will help you get a picture of what it’s like to undergo training in military schools.

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