9 Helpful Tips for Getting Affordable Health Insurance

To help you get affordable health insurance, always compare quotes, avoid services you do not need, lower your health insurance premiums with out-of-pocket expenses, keep yourself healthy and stop high-risk habits, see if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, check for a worker’s compensation insurance program through your employer, try getting short-term insurance coverage, join a club with group health insurance, and use medical cards.

Getting health insurance is one of the priorities you really need to consider to help protect your health, your income, and your savings even if you are unemployed. But, having a health insurance plan can be heavy on your pocket, especially if you know very little about the nature of health insurance. Here are some tips that will help you find affordable right health insurance that is right for you:

Always compare quotes

A very important tip in finding an affordable health insurance is to compare quotes from different insurance companies. Being affordable does not only mean paying lower premiums, but also getting the best services for your money. Ask for recommendations from trusted friends and relatives, and read reviews on the Internet to find the best and most affordable health insurance services. You can also sign up for Insurance Leads to make your search easier.

Avoid services you do not need

One of the ways to get an affordable health insurance plan is to get rid of those medical services you do not really need. Extra services would mean more expenses to the insurance company, which in turn means higher premiums for you. To make your health insurance plan affordable, you can always redesign your plan so that it has lower and more affordable premiums.

Lower your health insurance premiums with out-of-pocket expenses

Another tip that is gaining popularity among many individuals looking for affordable health insurance is to increase your out-of-pockets expenses. These expenses, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments will help lower your premiums since you will be required to spend some cash in addition to what your plan covers. Do not hesitate to ask your insurance company about out-of-pocket expenses.

Keep yourself healthy and stop high-risk habits

Other factors that affect insurance premiums are your current health condition and your habits. If you want to save on health insurance costs, stay healthy and stop risky habits, such as smoking.

See if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are health programs through the government. You need to meet certain eligibility requirements to make use of these benefits. Medicare is for those sixty-five years of age or older and those who qualify for disability benefits through Social Security. Medicaid, on the other hand,
is for low-income individuals and families. Check from time to time to see if you or your family qualifies for these services to save on health insurance costs.

Check for a worker’s compensation insurance  program through your employer

Most companies offer health insurance benefits to their employees, while some offer worker’s compensation insurance. Even if they do not offer insurance benefits, if your health issue or injury is caused by doing your job, companies may be obliged by law to compensate you for your medical expenses.

Try getting short-term insurance coverage

For those in between jobs, this is one helpful tip that suits you. Short-term insurance coverage tends to be affordable, as it covers your medical expenses for a short period of time only. This is best when you are expecting to get health insurance coverage from a subsequent employer and will need coverage for immediate health needs.

Join a club with group health insurance

There are some clubs and organizations who offer group insurances. Check if there is one in your locality and join to it so you can enroll in their group insurance benefits. This coverage tends to be less expensive, as insurance companies give group discounts to some organizations, such as to companies and employers who give medical benefits to hundreds or thousands of their employees.

Use medical cards

Medical cards do not give you insurance coverage, but will help make your medical expenses easier on your pocket. These are discount cards that you can make use of for doctor visits, lab tests, surgeries, and other applicable services listed in the terms and conditions.

If you do not qualify for government benefits or if your company does not provide you with medical benefits, it may not be easy to find an affordable health insurance plan. You just need to exert a little extra effort in comparing quotes, canvassing different insurance companies, and following the other recommendations mentioned above. You are sure to find affordable health insurance plans that will suit your needs.


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