4 Great Party Ideas to Highlight Your 50th Wedding Anniversary

When hosting a party to highlight your 50th wedding anniversary, you can recreate the past, follow a gold motif, play a memorable picture show during the event, and give your guests personalized keepsakes.

Wedding anniversaries are worth commemorating, and reaching 50 years of marriage is all the more reason to celebrate. This is a singular and momentous affair which needs to be shared and enjoyed. Hosting a golden wedding anniversary party is just one of the many 50th anniversary ideas a couple can do to highlight this occasion with the people dear to them. Here are some party ideas that will help you commemorate your 50th wedding anniversary.

Recreate the past at the party

One exciting way to host a 50th wedding anniversary party is to reminisce the past and recreate it as a theme for the event. Find out what was in vogue 50 years ago or when the wedding was held and apply every detail to the party. You and your spouse can wear clothes that were fashionable during that time and ask your guests to do the same. Hire a band to serenade you and your guests with love songs that were popular during that year. Decorations can include framed posters of movies and celebrities that were famous all those years ago. Ask caterers to make a special menu of food items that were popular then, too.

Have a gold motif for the party

Gold is the traditional symbol for 50 years and is a great source of inspiration for the wedding party. Make gold the motif for the celebration. The invitations for your guests can be written in gold ink and the paper lined with gold foil. You can also ask guests to follow a dress code that incorporates the color gold. The party venue can be decorated with gold-colored items like golden linen for the tables and gold-colored drapery for the windows, centerpieces can include gold-plated candle stands or yellow roses and goldenrod arranged in vases. Even the menu can include dishes that symbolize gold or wealth, like roast duck with truffles and a cake with gold colored icing and edible gold shavings.

Play a memorable picture show during the event

Collect photographs and memorabilia of the course of your 50 years of marriage. You can have them scanned and made into a movie that you can play during the party. You and your guests will enjoy and love reminiscing memories and special occasions from the past through the audio-visual presentation. You can use your theme song as a couple or another love song of your choice of background music to make the picture show more personalized and sweet.

Give your guests personalized keepsakes

You and your party guests should not only have a time to get together for your 50th anniversary, you should also have something to remember the occasion. You can give away personalized keepsakes to your guests such as anniversary messages and speeches recorded to CD from LifeOnRecord. LifeOnRecord allows the couple’s family and friends to call a toll-free number where they can place heartfelt messages and wishes to the couple which will then be recorded on CD.

There are many ways to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, and this occasion can be shared with the people that helped make your marriage beautiful and special.


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