4 Leading Sport Shops in Phoenix Arizona that Sell Texas Longhorn Apparel

Texas longhorn merchandise and apparels for your Texas longhorn collection can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and Sports Chalet in Metro Center Mall in Peoria Avenue, Phoenix Arizona.

Collecting Texas longhorn merchandise is one way of supporting the Texas Longhorn team. You can easily find a variety of collector’s apparel and merchandise on the Internet and on your local shops. If you are from Phoenix and would want to personally shop for Texas longhorn apparels on your local stores, try checking out Metro Center Mall. This mall in Perioa Avenue has the following sport stores where Texas longhorn apparels are being locally sold:

Dick’s sporting goods

They have over three hundred stores across 34 states that primarily provide all the sporting goods and apparels that every athlete needs. Merchandise for baseball, basketball, football, to other sports such as golf can surely be found at Dick’s. Dick’s Sporting Goods have five branches in Phoenix, Arizona that sell sporting apparels including Texas longhorn merchandise. They also sell other branded apparels such as Royal Armour and Royal Robbins.

Foot locker

A haven for shoes and sporting apparels. Any Texas longhorn merchandise collector would surely get some neat stuff on Foot locker.They sell a wide variety of Texas longhorn apparels ranging from jerseys, hoodies, tank tops, beenie hats, caps, and creeper sets for infants. These items comes in different shades of brown and gray. All apparels has the Texas longhorn logo embroidered or printed on a minimal and large scale manner. Foot locker has three branches in Phoenix, Arizona. One branch is conveniently located at the Metro Center Mall in Peoria Avenue.

Champs sports

This sport store does not just sell famous athlete shoes but also Texas longhorn apparels as well. They have a limited team edition pedigree hoodie with a brown Texas word and bull logo printed on the front for $29.99. Champs Sports branches in Phoenix are in Metro Center Mall and Paradise Valley Mall.

Sports chalet

Featuring a wide selection of footwear and apparels department, Sports Chalet could give you all your sporting needs. They are the premier goods sporting retailer of premium brands such as Quicksilver, Roxy, Nike, and a whole lot more. You could also check for some limited edition jerseys of Texas longhorn apparels on their Metro Center Mall branch as an additional item to your Texas longhorn merchandise collection.


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