4 Possible Stories Behind the Nickname Crimson Tide

Muddy game against Auburn, battling like a crimson tidal wave, crimson tide on Alabama coast, and wearing of red jerseys are some reasons why the University of Alabama’s nickname is Crimson Tide.

A lot of people are very curious and interested on how the Crimson Tide nickname was derived. The college nickname was originally Crimson White derived from the school colors. Red and white are the colors of most Alabama merchandise. According to Rolltide.com,

Muddy game against Auburn

It began with a game between University of Alabama and Auburn Univeristy. Auburn was being favored that game but the college has to accept a tie. With this outcome of the game, a sportswriter named the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Another anonymous source said that “Alabama pounded on the Auburn team like a Crimson Tide.” And thus, a legend was made.
Battling like a crimson tidal wave

Another source said that the Crimson Tide battled like the soldiers of Alabama and that they looked like a crimson tidal wave. This means that the University of Alabama fought the game like the soldiers did in the battlefield.

Crimson tide on Alabama coast

One version claimed that the University of Alabama got its nickname from the crimson tide on the coast of Alabama. One anonymouse source said that Crimson Tide comes from the Confederate soldiers from Alabama that when they fought on the battle field they looked like a crimson tidal wave. According to Wikipedia, crimson or “Red tide” is a term often used to describe HABs in marine coastal areas, as the dinoflagellate species involved in HABs are often red or brown, and tint the sea water to a reddish colour.

Wearing of red jerseys

The team’s jersey were red in color. These seemed like crimson tide to some spectators as the game went under the rain. According to Rolltide.com, Describing the game, one sportswriter described the offensive line as a “Crimson Tide”, in reference to their crimson jerseys as they moved down field in the rain.

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