4 Quick Tips to Get Greeting Card Bags

Greeting card bags are plastic sleeves used to cover greeting cards and other items that need protection from moisture, dust, grease, and dirt. In order to get the right greeting card bag you need, you have to determine what you will put inside the bag, identify the material that fits your item, see where you can buy greeting card bags, and consider making your own greeting card bag.

Greeting card bags have some uses other than just protecting greeting cards, and it is important that you know how to choose and get the right one for your items. Here are some quick and smart tips that will help you get the perfect greeting card bags:

Determine what you will put inside the bag

Before you start looking for greeting card bags, you need to identify what you will put in the sleeves and determine the size of the content. Nowadays, greeting card bags are not just for greeting cards alone. People have also started using these sleeves as photo bags, CD sleeves, trading card holders, job ticket holders, and even as bags for bigger packages such as artwork, portraits, shirts, and dresses. Identifying what you will slip into your bag and its size will help you know what size of greeting card bag to buy and the material to choose. Make sure your bag snugly fits your content to ensure proper protection.

Identify the material that fits your item

Greeting card bags are made up of cellophane or polypropylene. Cellophane is paper-like product from wood pulp, while polypropylene is a plastic product made from crude oil. Cellophane greeting card bags are more expensive, are great for keeping contents fresh inside it and are can be heat sealed. Polypropylene, on the other hand, is less expensive and works great for products that are not too sensitive to freshness. This material is softer to touch and it does not have the natural fold that cellophane has. Both are great for resisting moisture, oil, and solvents and are both eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Your choice in the material depends on your bag content.

It is advisable that you use cellophane greeting card bags for items like photos, soap, potpourri, and food, most especially candies, chocolates, and cereals that need to be kept fresh. You may use polypropylene on other items such as greeting cards, posters, and foods such as cookies, breads, and cakes.

See where you can buy greeting card bags

There are many ways to find greeting card bags. You can search your local directory or the Net. Find your desired sleeve size and material, and ask about purchasing details, as most businesses sell their sleeves in bulk. If you do not need as many bags as they sell, you might want to check your local bookstore because they may have some available. Also check online marketplaces like EBay for lesser quantity purchases.

Consider making your own greeting card bag

You can also try making your own plastic sleeve, especially if your item is small. All you need to do is measure the item, get some thin acetate, scissors and scotch tape. Make sure you allowance the acetate to give way to the folds of your greeting card bag.

Whether you use your greeting card bag for greeting cards or for containing other items, make sure have just the right size for your contents to keep them well-protected and the right material to keep your items fresh and free from all possible dirt.


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