40th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents

To celebrate your parents’ 40th anniversary you can send them on vacation, arrange a date for them, give them ruby gift items, and record special messages for them.

Reaching 40 years of marriage is an amazing milestone that deserves feelings of pride and happiness towards your parents for reaching such a momentous occasion. Some of the many 40th anniversary gifts you can give to your parents to express your love and appreciation for them include:

Send them on vacation

Giving your parents an opportunity to spend a vacation together will give them time to unwind from all their responsibilities and rekindle their romance. You and your sibling or relatives can pool money and arrange a cruise vacation for your parents. Inform the cruise staff ahead of time that it is an anniversary gift so they can help make special arrangements and organize activities fit for couples on board. Another exciting option is to recreate your parent’s first honeymoon by making arrangements at the same hotel or location that they celebrated in. Prepare activities in the hotel facilities that will pamper and allow your parents to spend time with one another such as a couple massages at a spa. Personally drive them to the hotel and present them with a bouquet of red roses.

Arrange a date for them

If you don’t have the budget for traveling, you can still give your parents time to relax and bond with one another by arranging a special anniversary date for them. Make reservations for two at an elegant restaurant or prepare a sweet candlelit dinner for them at home. You can buy tickets to a romantic concert which your parents can attend to after their dinner date. You can personally drive them to the event to make them feel more special.

Give them ruby gift items

The ruby is the traditional symbol of the 40th year of marriage. This precious stone is both beautiful and symbolic when placed in gift items like jewelry. You can have a pair of anniversary watches specially made for your parents with rubies inlaid around the watch dial. To add a more personalized touch, you can even have a short message engraved at the back of the watch’s case. You can also have anniversary wedding bands made for your parents with a ruby used as the stone.

Record special messages for them

Your parents will truly appreciate personalized gifts that you made. A LifeOnRecord anniversary CD is one such gift that you can make as a token of your love and appreciation for your parents. LifeOnRecord allows you to record heartwarming messages through the phone that get saved to a CD which you can give as an anniversary keepsake for your parents. You can also ask your relatives, friends and other people dear to your parents to call a toll-free number and express their love and wishes.


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