5 Easy Ways to Fix Dry Hair

To fix dry hair you can avoid using hair color too often, avoid too much heat when styling, protect your hair while you sleep, avoid over-shampooing, and apply conditioner daily.

Dry hair is characterized by the hair lacking moisture and looking dull and being difficult to manage. There are a variety of reasons why hair gets dry. Some hair types are drier than others because of genetics or lifestyle practices. Fortunately, there are several products such Moroccan hair oil and other treatments specifically made for dry hair care. Additionally, there are some ways to fix dry hair which include:

Avoid using hair color too often

While some women might not have a problem with coloring their hair, there are instances when color treatments can dry out the hair, especially if bleach in part of the process. You can wait to color your hair until it becomes healthier, or if you can opt for a color rinse which is gentler on the hair.

Avoid too much heat when styling

Using blow dryers, curling irons, hot combs and flat irons for styling hair is quite common but, unfortunately, these devices can cause your hair to become dry. Heat is damaging to the hair and can strip it of its much needed moisture. It is not advisable to use heat styling devices on your hair regularly. If you use these styling devices on a daily basis and notice that your hair is becoming dull and dry, then you might need to avoid heat styling for a while to help your hair recover. You can also experiment with alternative styling options such as wet wraps, wet sets and air drying which are milder alternatives to heat styling.

Protect your hair while you sleep

You might not know it, but while you sleep, your hair rubs against the pillow or bed sheets, and certain fabrics like cotton can cause friction which makes your hair dry. You can protect your hair by wearing a night cap made of soft fabrics such as silk or satin. You can also choose to change your pillowcases and bed sheets with similar types of fabric.

Avoid over-shampooing

Over-shampooing your hair can strip it of its natural oils and moisture, causing your hair to become dry. However, constant shampooing might be unavoidable, especially during the summer when it’s hot or if you are regularly working out because you will need to remove the dirt and sweat from your scalp and hair. To avoid the adverse effects of over-shampooing, apply conditioner regularly.

Apply conditioner daily

Conditioner washes are great for keeping the hair soft and moisturized. If your hair is becoming dry, you can deep condition it to help restore its natural moisture. Deep conditioning doesn’t necessarily involve a hood dryer. You can simply apply a liberal amount of deep conditioner to your hair and put a plastic cap over it for a few hours. For severely dry hair, deep conditioning is advisable at least once a week.

If you have dry hair, caring for it doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, using the right products for your hair type is enough to keep it healthy and beautiful.


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