5 Effective Tips for Protecting Your Cell Phone from Water

To protect your cell phone from being damaged by water, avoid taking it into the bathroom, place your cell phone in a waterproof case when participating in water-related activities, protect it from stormy and rainy weather, always take out your cell phone from your pocket when you arrive home, and buy waterproof gear for your mobile device.

Like most electronic gadgets, your cell phone is vulnerable to water damage. A waterproof phone is a good choice for you if you plan to be around water regularly. But if your cell phone is not waterproof, you might end up needing a new one unexpectedly if you accidentally spill your drink on it or if you expose it to water. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to protect your cell phone from water damage.

Avoid taking it into the bathroom

There isn’t any good reason for you to take your electronic gadgets into the bathroom. Not only do you run the risk of damaging these devices, you could also suffer from an electric shock. Unless you have to take a very important call, make it a point to avoid using your phone inside the bathroom. You can activate your phone’s voice mail so callers can just leave a message in case you are in the bathroom and unable to answer the call.

Place your cell phone in a waterproof case when participating in water-related activities

If you can’t afford to leave your phone at home when going boating or walking near lakes, beaches, ponds and other bodies of water, you can instead buy a waterproof case for it or place it in an airtight plastic bag. Place your phone securely in the waterproof case so you will not have to worry about getting it wet when you use it or when you walk near the water. When you are about to go swimming, make sure to put your phone away from places where water could leak or easily form puddles.

Protect it from stormy and rainy weather

Use an umbrella during rainy days and avoid taking calls while in the rain. It is also a good idea to keep your cell phone in a waterproof bag or case during rainy seasons. If answering a call in the middle of the rain is unavoidable, make sure to keep it within the covering of your umbrella and keep it covered with your hand. You could also buy a hands-free headset so you could easily make calls while keeping your phone safe inside your bag.

Always take your cell phone out of your pocket when you arrive home

If you have a habit of putting your phone in your pocket, then you should remember this very basic tip. If you forget to remove your phone from your pocket, it might end up in the washing machine with your clothes. It is also a good idea to go check your pockets and to see if left your phone in one before you put your garments into the laundry basket.

Buy waterproof gear for your cell phone

There are several accessories and gear options like waterproof cases and skins available online and in shops for your phone. These will offer extra protection especially if you have to multitask and do activities that will expose your cell phone to water or rainy weather.


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