5 Great 50th Birthday Gifts that Will Make Mom Feel Special

To make your mom feel special on her 50th birthday, you can give her a bouquet of yellow roses; a coffee maker; gift certificate to a spa, massage or beauty salon; membership to a private yoga class; or sweet recorded messages from you and her friends.

You should always make your mother feel special in any way that you can, and her 50th birthday should be all the more reason for you to celebrate with her and express your appreciation. There are many 50th birthday gifts that you can give to your mother to commemorate this special event in her life, and here are some of them:

A bouquet of yellow roses

Because gold is the traditional color for 50 years, you can reflect the sentiment behind this element in the color of the roses you give her. If your mom is the romantic type, you can surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. To make the gift more special and surprising, you can have individual roses or smaller bouquets delivered to your mom in the morning first, and when evening comes you can bring a larger bouquet yourself to her personally. Don’t forget to attach short and heartwarming notes to the flowers you send.

A coffee maker

If your mom enjoys entertaining people and having guests over in the house, she will surely love getting a coffee maker which is functional and will allow her to enjoy a variety of beverages like hot cocoa, tea, espresso, flavored coffee and decaf coffee or serve them to her friends and guests. Your mom will be able to relish her favorite warm drinks without having to worry about fussy preparations and cleaning afterward.

A gift certificate to a spa, massage or beauty salon

Your mom cared for you and pampered you when you were young, so it’s time to return the favor. Gift certificates for a spa, massage or beauty salon will give her time to relax and unwind, and these are a welcome gift for any busy mom. The great thing about gift certificates is that most of them will allow you to choose the time you want to use their services and the specific treatments and services you want to have. You can even buy certificates for both of you so you and your mom will have time to bond and relax together.

Membership to a private yoga class

Another way for your mom to de-stress and relax is with a membership at a private yoga class, especially if your mom is a health buff. Whether it is for an introductory course or a means to develop movements and breathing techniques, private yoga classes can be modified to specially suit the needs of your mom.

Sweet recorded messages from you and her friends

Another great and personalized gift idea is to record heartfelt messages for your mom on CD. LifeOnRecord offers the opportunity for you to coordinate with your mom’s friends and ask them to place special messages through a toll-free number. After you and your mom’s closest friends have recorded their wishes and appreciation for your mother, they can then be downloaded or saved on CD. Not only will your mom hear touching words from the people she loves, she will have a keepsake for her birthday.

Though there are many great gifts which you can give to your mother on her 50th birthday, the essential thing is to make her feel special and loved.


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