5 Misleading Myths about Acne Treatment

There are some myths about acne treatment that you should know about and they include: use skincare products to dry out skin, scrub  skin with acne vigorously and on a daily basis, sweat cleanses the pores and rids the skin of acne, use different kinds of topical medications and skin products to heal acne, and there is no effective treatment for acne.

Acne is a skin problem that can affect teenagers and adults alike, and this skin problem is caused by several factors. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to treat this skin condition. You can use natural ingredients like Argan oil for acne or opt for commercial products. However, there are certain myths that you should avoid when treating acne, and they are:

Use skincare products that will dry out skin

Although oily skin can be a bother, oil secretion of the skin is a natural process of the body to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Over-drying one’s skin can cause problems of its own and can just aggravate your skin’s condition. Dryness can lead to chapped, flaky and irritated skin which is both uncomfortable and unattractive. The important thing is to remove excess oil from your skin without completely stripping it of the necessary moisture. Always use skin products that are mild and will not dry out your skin.

Skin with acne should be scrubbed vigorously daily

People who have acne might be tempted to scrub their face with facial scrubs and cleansers with abrasive properties. However, this only aggravates the skin’s condition and can lead to inflamed and irritated skin. Skin should be treated gently and not exposed to friction, as this can only cause further breakouts.

Sweating will cleanse the pores and rid the skin of acne

Sweat does not really have any positive effects on acne. The skin has two types of pores, those that secrete sweat and those that secrete oil. Acne and blackheads develop in oily pores, which are completely different from sweat pores. Hence, it is not possible to “sweat out” skin blemishes. In fact, showering to clean the body of sweat is advisable after exercising or completing other strenuous activities. Sweat irritates the pores and causes breakouts.

Use different kinds of medications and skin products to heal acne

There are many skin products available for treating acne, and it might be tempting to use and try different products all at once. However, using too many products or one product too often is not be healthy for your skin and can lead to irritation and side effects. Always follow the instructions on the product labels. Additionally, the products you use should match the type of skin you have. For severe acne conditions, it is important to consult a dermatologist for help on deciding what medications to use and the dosage.

There is no effective treatment for acne

Apparently, there are many skin products and skin treatments that are available for you to try. These may range from natural skin treatments to over the counter medications that are taken orally. The essential thing is to find a product that matches your skin type that will not irritate your skin.

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