5 Things to Remember Before Flying with Your Digital Camera

Before flying with your digital camera, you need to be aware of the rules for carrying a digital camera on the plane, consider getting your camera insured, protect your camera from harsh external elements, provide the necessary contact information on your camera, and take your camera out only when it is needed.

Flying to new and different places can be an exciting activity, and you will definitely want to share the experiences you had or save something for remembrance. Digital cameras are popular gadgets for meeting this purpose. These gadgets are convenient enough to be easily packed in a cybershot case and then carried around. But before you pack up and head on your trip, there are a few tips you have to remember to keep your digital camera safe while you travel:

Be aware of the rules for carrying a digital camera on the plane

Most airline companies will allow camera bags as carry-on baggage. However, standard procedures might require you to have your camera bag inspected, or you might even have to check it if is too big. Knowing what regulations to expect will help you take appropriate measures such as using a hard case for your camera if you find out that you need to check it.

Consider getting your camera insured

If you have a basic point and shoot camera, insurance is probably impractical. But if you have a more advanced camera or SLR model, consider getting it insured. Make sure you closely examine the general insurance policy and check what coverage is available for damaged, lost or stolen cameras and whether the policy applies for both in-airport handling and at your travel destination.

Protect your camera from harsh external elements

Unpredictable weather can be one of the biggest threats to your camera while traveling. It is important that you keep your camera safe from extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and heat. Prepare a waterproof cybershot case or a sealed plastic bag for your camera in case it will be exposed to water or other harsh elements in the environment. If you notice any condensation building up on the surface of the camera or inside it, stop using it until you are able to get back indoors.

Provide the necessary contact information on your camera

Put some form of identification and contact information on your camera in case you misplace or lose it during your trip. You can put a small tag or sticker on your camera or camera bag and fill it up with your name, phone number, e-mail address and maybe the contact number of the hotel you are staying in. If you don’t want to stick anything on your camera, you can simply take a photo of a piece of paper filled with similar information and make sure it is on the first frame of the memory card. This way anyone who finds or picks up your camera can see the image if he or she turns on the gadget.

Take out your camera only when it is needed

In the same way that you would not walk around unfamiliar streets waving a stash of money, you should not wander around with your digital camera exposed. Keep it inside your bag and take it out only when you use it.

Following basic tips and buying the right protective equipment for your camera can help save you a lot of trouble when you fly with this expensive gadget.


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