5 Wonderful Gift Ideas for a Memorable 60th Birthday

To make someone’s 60th birthday more unique, you can give a collection of memorabilia, an assortment of 60 birthday gifts, a scrapbook recollecting the past 60 years, a collector’s item, or 60 recorded birthday wishes.

Birthdays are something that should be commemorated, and when one turns 60, it is all the more reason to celebrate. There are many 60th birthday gifts that you can give to celebrants to make the occasion more unique and to make the celebrants feel more special during this momentous day.

A collection of memorabilia

You can use the uniqueness of the celebrant’s birthday as an inspiration for your gift. Recreate the person’s birthday by gathering unique memorabilia from the time of the person’s birth. You can include items such as albums of popular musicians during that time, old copies of Time Magazine, bestselling books or highest-grossing movies, a good quality reprint of the celebrant’s baby photo, photographs of famous celebrities and even news clippings of world events. All these will make the celebrant feel intrigued of all the unique happenings surrounding the celebration. You can place the items in a gift box and include a short note expressing your wishes.

An assortment of 60 birthday gifts

You can treat the celebrant with a colorful assortment of 60 birthday gifts. Coordinate with family and friends close and ask them to contribute a unique gift of their own that will make the celebrant enjoy digging into piles of presents. Include items like short endearing messages written on fancy paper, food, books, magazines and small knickknacks.

A scrapbook recollecting the past 60 years

Every year in a person’s life is filled with blessings and distinctive events. Allow the celebrant to enjoy and recollect some of his or her fond memories of the past 60 years by making a scrapbook filled with reprinted photographs of people and events of the last 60 years, excerpts from important news stories, and letters. You can decorate the scrapbook with fancy paper, beads and other embellishments to make it more beautiful. Be sure to include extra blank pages for photographs or messages from the celebrant’s 60th birthday.

A collector’s item

You can give the celebrant a rare collector’s item that reflects the era when he or she was born. For women celebrating their 60th birthday you can give a fancy antique tea set that dates back to the year or decade that she was born. For male celebrants, items like miniature model cars make interesting gifts. These rare items will make the celebrant feel that you really put extra effort into finding a gift and will give them a souvenir from the past.

60 recorded birthday wishes

You can give the celebrant 60 or more heartwarming thoughts, wishes and greetings recorded on a special LifeOnRecord CD. You can coordinate with the celebrant’s family and friends and ask them to leave special messages at the toll-free number provided by LifeOnRecord which will record the messages on CD. You can instantly have a personalized and heartfelt gift for someone very special.

Because there are many gift ideas available, it is important to take time to find the gift that will perfectly represent your birthday thoughts and wishes.


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