6 Characteristics of Waterproof Camcorders

The waterproof camcorder is perfect for people who enjoy participating in extreme activities, invulnerable to extreme environmental settings, different than a weatherproof camcorder, has less responsive controls and variety, and cheaper compared to standard camcorders with separate waterproof housing.

Camcorders, like many other electronic gadgets, are susceptible to damage when exposed to water. This limitation can be quite inconvenient if you plan to go someplace near water or when you plan to participate in water activities and you still want to use a camcorder. But a waterproof camcorder is more versatile and can be used underwater. Before you decide to buy a waterproof camcorder to replace your old non-waterproof model, here are a few basic characteristics that you need to know:

It is perfect for people who participate in extreme activities

Waterproof camcorders deserve to be called the “take anywhere” gadget. If you are particularly fond of water-related sports like snorkeling and scuba diving and constantly travel to places with varied and extreme climates, this camcorder will better suit your lifestyle than standard and non-waterproof versions. Waterproof camcorders are equipped with features that enable filming while automatically adjusting its display settings to fit the distinctive underwater environment. You can find the best specifications of waterproof camcorders to suit your particular activities.

Most waterproof camcorders are invulnerable to extreme environmental settings

The distinct feature of waterproof camcorders is its ability to go underwater, and some models can even be submerged to over 10 feet of water! Most waterproof camcorders are specially sealed and protected against dirt and dust and can even be operated in extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures. There are also models that are equipped with rubberized casings which make them drop-proof. Pay attention to the different specifications available for the waterproof model you are considering so you’ll know its limitations.

Waterproof and weatherproof are two different things

Some camcorders may be labeled as weatherproof, but these models are different from waterproof camcorders. Weatherproof simply means the camcorder can withstand weather conditions like light rain but it will not survive underwater feats the way waterproof camcorders will.

Its controls are less responsive

Waterproof camcorders were designed with optimum durability in mind, and gaskets and seals are just some of the common components of this device. The downside of these features is that they make the controls more difficult to operate and less responsive than non-waterproof models.

There is less variety available

Compared to standard camcorders, the market for waterproof camcorders is smaller. As a result, there is less variety in terms of functionality and features available for waterproof models. Additionally, top of the line camcorders are usually not waterproof. Most of the time, waterproof camcorders with limited features have a price that is comparable to standard models with more features.

It is cheaper than standard camcorders with separate waterproof housing

There are now waterproof housing units sold separately to accommodate standard and non-waterproof camcorders. But, they can cost more than buying a camcorder that is already equipped with waterproof capabilities.


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