6 Common Effects that Aging has on Skin

Some effects that aging has on skin are that skin becomes thinner, skin becomes dry, there is an appearance of wrinkles and lines, age spots appear, skin tags become common, and skin takes longer to heal.

Aging has different effects on the skin, and they vary greatly from one person to another depending on several factors like genetics and lifestyle. There are certain things that we can do to control skin aging. Many people are becoming fascinated with using Argan oil for anti aging concerns. However, aging is natural and, eventually, some of its effects will show on our skin. Here are some ways that aging changes the skin:

Skin becomes thinner

As skin ages, it becomes thinner. Blood vessels are also more apparent in aged skin which becomes less firm and supple. Because skin becomes thinner, it is also more easily bruised and marked, and red spots or purplish patches may be a common sight on older skin.

Skin becomes dry

As we age, the glands on the skin become less active and are unable to secrete enough natural oils to moisturize and nourish the skin. As a result, aged skin becomes dry, itchy and rough. Dryness does not have to be a big problem as there are ways of moisturizing the skin. You can apply moisturizing creams or lotions to rehydrate the skin and replenish its lost moisture which can also relieve itchiness and skin irritation.

There is an appearance of wrinkles and lines

The conditions of aged skin, such as dryness and decreased elasticity, make skin more prone to wrinkles and lines. There are also lifestyle factors and habits that can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles which include smoking and too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Age spots appear

Age spots, or liver spots, are mottled brown patches that are common in older skin. These are usually the result of sun damage or too much sun exposure. You can prevent age spots by applying sun screen with a sufficient Sun Protection Factor (SPF) before going out in the sun or avoiding direct exposure entirely.

Skin tags become common

Skin tags are caused by factors such as hormonal fluctuations and genetics. They also become quite common on aged skin. These skin growths look like loose flaps of skin and occur on the parts of the body where the skin folds, like under the bra line or in the arm pit. Although skin tags are harmless, they can be unsightly and cause some irritation. They can be treated and removed by a dermatologist.

Skin takes longer to heal

Skin loses much of its natural properties and moisture when it ages, and when it is wounded, scratched or bruised, it might take a longer time for it to heal. Slow healing of skin may also be attributed to certain health conditions like diabetes and skin cancer. It is best to consult a doctor when you notice a cut or bruise that has not healed after a reasonable time.


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