6 Personalized Gift Ideas for a Golden Anniversary

Some gifts that can make a golden anniversary more special include a second honeymoon, engraved golden rings, an engraved anniversary plate, a scrapbook, a painting of the couple, or special recorded messages.

A couple’s 50th anniversary of marriage is a very special and momentous event that should be commemorated. Whether you are the blessed couple who wants to relish this milestone occasion or a friend who wants to make the event more special, there are many 50th anniversary gifts that will do the trick.

A second honeymoon

Arranging a second honeymoon can be one of the most romantic and greatest gifts to commemorate the 50th year of marriage. You can recreate the couple’s first honeymoon at the same location and hotel which will allow the couple some time to relax while they reminisce and appreciate their fifty years of their marriage. Inform the hotel staff that the reservations are meant as a golden anniversary gift, so they can help you plan their stay. Some staff will be excited to help make arrangements and prepare activities that will make the couple’s stay more romantic and memorable.

Engraved golden rings

The traditional symbol for the 50th year of marriage is gold which is often used as the inspiration for gifts, like a pair of golden rings or watches. To add a more personal and romantic touch, engrave a short message, the couple’s names or their wedding date onto the gift.

An engraved anniversary plate

An elegant gift is a fine bone china plate engraved with the couple’s names and a heartfelt message in gold letters. You can also choose to have a photograph of the couple engraved on the plates to make them more special.

A scrapbook

You can gather memorabilia, letters and other mementos significant to the couple’s marriage and put them into a scrapbook. You can also include pictures of the couple’s children and grandchildren, the couple’s accomplishments, lyrics to songs they love and many other bits and pieces which made their 50 years of the marriage more special and unique.

A painting of the couple

Paintings are a great personalized gift. Find a special photograph that features the couple together, like one from their wedding, and then find a good portrait artist who can turn the photograph into a beautiful painting. Couples will love seeing an old picture turned into a magnificent piece of art.

Special recorded messages

Another unique gift idea with a personalized touch is a CD that records heartfelt messages for the couple. You and other people close to the celebrants can call businesses like LifeOnRecord via a toll free number and express your love and appreciation. LifeOnRecord will then record these notes that can be downloaded or sent to you on a CD. Recorded messages are great souvenirs for a couple’s 50th year anniversary and will allow many other close friends and family to share their love and wishes.


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