6 Simple Steps in Getting a Customized Georgia Bulldogs Football Jersey

Whether for personal use or a gift to a friend, you can get a customized Georgia Bulldogs football jersey by doing these six simple steps: check out websites that offer custom-made Georgia Bulldogs merchandise; search for Georgia Bulldogs customized football jerseys; choose a specific jersey color and place your order; review your order details; proceed to checkout; and lastly, pay for your order.

Getting yourself or a friend a personalized football jersey of Georgia Bulldogs is not so hard after all.  Here are very simple steps you can follow to get the jersey you want:

Check out websites that offer custom-made Georgia Bulldogs merchandise

The first thing you need to do is to look for sites that customize Georgia Bulldogs merchandise, including football jerseys.  An example is Georgiadogs.teamfanshop.com, which is the official online store of Georgia Bulldogs.  You can also check out football specialty shops and Georgia Bulldog-related sites, such as Footballfanatics.com and Sicemdawgs.com, as well as college-related sites, such as SECstore.com and NCAA.com.

Search for Georgia Bulldogs customized football jerseys

If you are on a Georgia Bulldog-related website, you can click on their store department or jerseys department and look for the jersey type and color you want to purchase.  If you are on other websites, you may need to click on the team’s name and/or the specific sport before you can go to the jerseys section.  Alternately, you can go to the site’s search tab, if available, and type “customized Georgia Bulldogs football jersey”.

Choose a specific jersey color and place your order

Georgia Bulldogs football jerseys are available in red, white, and black colors.  Once you decide the color and type of jersey to order, you may click on the item and start placing your order.  Enter your desired jersey number and also the name, which is usually up to ten characters only.  Make sure that you do not choose a current player’s name for your jersey, since it is against the NCAA rules.  As also noted in the websites, you may choose to have a blank name on your customized jersey by specifying “no name” in the jersey name area.  Finally, choose your desired jersey size and quantity.

Review your order details

Make sure you review the jersey number and the name you specified. Check the details on the color, size, and quantity as well. This is because the item you will be ordering cannot be replaced anymore.  Sellers usually make it clear that the orders you place cannot be refunded, returned, or replaced, due to the customized nature of the jersey.  Once you are sure of your order details, you can now add this item to your cart, check your total bill including shipping, and then proceed to checkout.

Proceed to checkout

In checking out, some websites give you options to check out at their own website or through PayPal or Google Checkout, if you have an account with them.  You will then have to fill out certain details regarding your billing and delivery addresses, as well as other significant information.  If you choose to check out at their own website, you will find on the same page a part where you can input promotional code if you have any, as well as any message you may want to include in your package.  You can include a greeting if you intend to give it as a gift, for example.

Pay for your order

After filling out the important details on the checkout page, you will then be brought to a page where you can pay for your item.  After payment has been made, you are usually given a receipt via email, with important details such as confirmation number and/or tracking number to help you keep track of your order.  Your customized Georgia Bulldog jersey will usually arrive three days after payment has been made and confirmed.

Once you or your friend gets this football jersey, you will surely be delighted.


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