6 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad’s 50th

Some birthday ideas you can use to celebrate your dad’s 50th birthday include a fishing party, box seats to a sports event, an autographed album or play list of his favorite music, a gift certificate to a golf course, a spa or massage certificate, and personalized recorded messages.

Making your dad feel special and his 50th birthday is a great way to show him that he is appreciated and loved. Turning 50 is a milestone event that is worthy of celebration, and there are many 50th Birthday Ideas which can be used to make this occasion more unique.

A fishing party

If your dad enjoys fishing, you can organize a party based on a fishing theme. You can rent a large party yacht or charter a fishing boat and invite your dad’s friends and family to celebrate. Include your dad’s favorite seafood as the main entree at the party. To provide more entertainment, hire a band to play your dad’s favorite music. At the event you can also give your dad items that he can use for his hobby like a new fishing pole or a tackle box.

Box seats to a sports event

If your dad is a fan of a particular sport team, get him box seat tickets at a game or sporting event. You can even buy tickets for both of you so you can spend time hanging out with him.

An autographed album of his favorite band or a play list of his favorite music

If your dad is a music man and loves a particular band, you can try to buy an autographed album of his favorite musician. If you are unable to find this rare item, you can still do something for him in line with his musical interests such as giving him an iPod or a music CD filled with a his favorite music. This way, he can listen to his favorite tunes while at work or doing other things.

A gift certificate to a golf course

If your dad enjoys playing golf, buy him a gift certificate for some rounds at a local golf course. To make it more fun for your father, coordinate a golf game with his friends and arrange a tee time for them.

A spa or massage certificate

If your dad is a busy man, give him some time to relax and unwind at a spa or massage parlor. Give him a gift certificate that will allow him to be pampered and give him a break from work.

Personalized recorded messages

You can express your appreciation and love for your dad through personalized gifts such as a LifeOnRecord CD. LifeOnRecord allows you to place heartwarming messages through their toll-free number. If you like, you can also coordinate with your other family members and friends who can call the number and leave their birthday wishes and greetings for your father which can then be downloaded or saved as a CD.

Your father is one of the most significant men in your life, and whether it is a grand celebration or a simple gift to commemorate his 50th birthday, the important thing is to make him feel loved.


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