7 Exciting Ideas to Make 50th Birthday Parties Fun and Memorable

To make a 50th birthday party celebration more fun and memorable, choose a suitable theme, rent a special venue, choose guests wisely, play recorded greetings during the party, play a compilation of movie clips of the celebrant’s favorite films, invite a band to play so guests can dance the night away, and entertain your guests while they wait for the party to start or others to finish eating.

Throwing a golden birthday party is a great birthday gift to give someone really special. Organizing the celebration may not be very easy, but with help of your family and friends, proper planning, and exciting fresh ideas, the event will be one to remember. Here are some exciting and unique ideas to help you plan a fun and unforgettable 50th birthday party for your loved one:

Choose a suitable theme

One of the most exciting 50th birthday party ideas is to choose a theme for the celebration with matching invitations, attire of guests, decor, favors, and other party items. Decide not just on any theme, but a theme that suits the age or interest of the celebrant. Fun themes include Golden celebration, where the motif of the party would be gold and old; Retro, where a particular decade of the celebrant’s youth is featured; and a Hawaiian party, which can be held at the beach if you think the celebrant loves the beach.

Rent a special venue

Bring more excitement to the party by renting an interestingly unique place. You can rent a castle, a mansion, a ship, a barge, or a private beach resort all to yourselves. If not, a more special hotel function room will be just what you need.

Choose guests wisely

Invite only those guests who are close to the celebrant to make the party more warm and cherished without overcrowding the space. Do not forget to invite long lost friends, like childhood neighbors, high school classmates, old colleagues, cousins, and other special people of the celebrant’s life to make the celebration more special.

Play recorded greetings during the party

This is the perfect solution for those who do not want to miss the party but are unable to attend in person. Have them say their greetings over the phone which can be recorded and played during the party. You may also consider the services of such businesses like LifeOnRecord that can record greetings from close friends and relatives through a toll-free number and compile all the greetings in one audio CD.

Play a compilation of movie clips of the celebrant’s favorite films

Another interesting golden birthday party idea is to bring back the celebrant’s wonderful, fun, and romantic memories. Learn about the celebrant’s favorite movies of the past and play a compilation of selected scenes from them. It will surely please the celebrant and other guests remembering the days of all those enjoyable and touching films.

Invite a band to play while party goers dance the night away

You may also want to consider inviting a band to play for the celebration. While dining, the band can play the celebrant’s favorite songs. When the program has ended, the celebrant and all the guests can dance the night away with party music from the past.

Entertain your guests while waiting for the party to start or for others to finish eating

This party is not the time for getting bored. Provide your guests with something to do while they wait for other guests to arrive or finish eating. You can put some cards on the table and some pens so guests can write special greetings to the guest of honor. Another interesting idea is to offer a questionnaire that asks guests what they like most about the celebrant, the funniest thing they remember, the most unforgettable moment they had with the celebrant, three words to describe the celebrant, and some other interesting questions that will prompt party goers to share memories with the guest of honor. Make sure you do not make it too long. Get someone to gather all the cards sometime after dinner and read some of the cards during the rest of the night in between programs.

Whatever you plan for the 50th birthday party of someone special, keep in mind the celebrant’s interests so you know you plan something enjoyable and memorable.


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