7 Helpful Tips for Using an Underwater Camera

Choosing the right underwater camera, using the camera in broad daylight and in shallow waters, taking photos as still as possible, securing the camera near you, following depth recommendations, using it like an ordinary camera, and wearing clear protective eye wear underwater are some tips for using an underwater camera.

Underwater, whether in the pool or under the sea, is an entirely different scene from the surface above it, and it is definitely a nice setting to take some cool photos. It isn’t such a good idea to just sink in with your digital camera because you’ll only end up damaging the device. An underwater camera is the preferred tool for this activity. But, before you purchase any camera, dive in and take some photos, here are helpful tips you need to know so you can use your underwater camera well:

Choose the right underwater camera

There are plenty of underwater cameras available today in different models with different specifications and features. While not all underwater cameras take the best photos underwater, it is better to have an in-depth review of the product so that you won’t waste money on something that does not meet your expectations. Underwater cameras  come in two types–one that is readily made for underwater use, and one that has a hard removable waterproof camera case which can be removed when not needed.

Use the camera in broad daylight and in shallow waters

All bodies of water have the tendency to bounce off light, hence making them darker. Seas and oceans have particularly dark waters because of their murky appearances. That is why it is best to use the camera when the environment is bright or sunny. This adds more light and makes clearer photos. You can also experiment with the built-in flash of your camera, though it will not always assure great photography because of the reflecting light. It is also advisable to take underwater photos as near to the surface of the water because the lighting is better.

Take photos as still as possible

When taking underwater photos, you may find it hard to get a good shot because of the unsteady water, especially at sea or at a pool where there are lots of people enjoying the water. To come up with better shots, it is best to take pictures while holding the camera as still as possible.

Secure the camera near you

Secure the camera by tying it to your wrist with a wrist strap or clipping it to your bathing suit. Surely, you don’t want to drop your camera into the bottom of the ocean, or hit it with anything and lose all the great photos you’ve taken.

Follow depth recommendations

All underwater cameras have limitations as to how deep you can take them underwater. Always conform to the depth recommendation of your camera. Exceeding it only risks damage your camera.

Use it like an ordinary camera

Most underwater cameras likely have the same features and functions as ordinary cameras. So, use it is as you would a regular point and shoot camera.

Wear clear protective eye wear underwater

Some people find it hard to open their eyes underwater, especially in salty waters. It is important to wear clear protective eye wear when taking pictures so that you can have a clearer view of your subjects and produce good pictures.


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