8 Smart Ways to Keep Baby’s Clothes Looking and Feeling Great

To keep baby’s clothes looking and feeling great all the time, do not forget to wash new baby clothes,  always read and follow special instructions, wash baby clothes in warm water, use mild detergent, wash dirty clothes separately, consider using fabric conditioner, avoid tumble drying as much as possible, and iron baby clothes with care.

Parents always give it their best when it comes to baby care. Even the clothes that babies wear need special attention to keep them clean, great-looking, and comfortable. Here are some tips that will help you care for baby clothes to maintain their great look and feel, keeping baby happy:

Wash new baby clothes

Always make it a routine to wash new baby clothes in order to remove the chemicals used to make them look crisp and great at stores. These chemicals may harm your baby’s skin, causing irritations and allergies. Washing will also help remove germs from clothes acquired throughout the manufacturing or shipping process.

Read and follow special instructions

Special baby clothes with embroidery, sequins, glitter, and other materials typically found in rock baby clothes need special laundry care. Usually these clothes need to be washed and ironed inside out to protect designs. To be sure, always read specific washing, drying, and ironing instructions to maintain great look and feel of these cute clothes.

Wash baby clothes in warm water

To keep baby clothes germ-free, it is advisable to wash baby clothes in warm water. Some parents prefer to soak baby clothes in warm water first before washing. This will help you easily remove any stains on baby clothes.

Use mild soap

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive. It is always wise to use mild detergent when washing baby clothes to make sure your baby’s skin does not get irritated. Some detergents may be too harsh and cause allergic reactions and other skin irritations. Many detergent soaps in the market are targeted for baby’s laundry, but you do not really have to use them. Your family laundry soap will do as long as it is not harsh and your baby has no adverse reactions to it. Make sure you also thoroughly wash the detergent off baby’s clothes to keep baby’s skin protected.

Wash dirty clothes separately

To keep other baby clothes from getting contaminated with dirty clothing, always wash dirty clothes separately. Soak dirty nappies and diaper cloths in warm water before washing them separately from other clothing to remove dirt easily. Separate clothes with urine from those with food and other stains. This will ensure pleasant-looking and germ-free clothes for baby’s sensitive skin.

Consider using fabric softener

You may use fabric softeners to make baby clothes softer, more comfortable, and fresh smelling for baby to wear. Some detergents come with a fabric softener, while others require separate solutions. Just make sure your baby does not get irritated with the use of fabric softeners and that it does not have a very strong scent.

Avoid tumble drying as much as possible

Tumble drying will shrink most clothes and may not be suitable for other clothes with special materials. As much as possible, avoid tumble drying baby clothes. For those clothes where tumble-drying is recommended, use a gentle-heat option so as not to harm these clothes. Some experts also advise that you only tumble-dry for a short time and hang baby clothes to dry completely to keep them in great condition.

Iron baby clothes with care

Washing may remove germs from baby’s clothes, but ironing them is more hygienic, especially for those clothes that are not hanged to dry under the sun. The high temperature of ironing will kill the germs on clothes that may harm your baby. Make sure you carefully iron baby clothes, excluding parts with garters, glitter, embossed designs, sequins, and other materials and designs to keep them great-looking.


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