8 Steps to Start a Group Home for At-risk Teen Girls

Group homes are residential facilities within a neighborhood and community and are designed to provide a range of services to people who need them. Group homes for at-risk teenage girls are designed to give 24-hour care, supervision, services and treatments aimed to alleviate or completely eliminate negative behaviors exhibited by these teens. Girls Homes are staffed with well-trained counselors and specialists and provide services like family counseling, psychological and therapeutic services, remedial education and employment counseling. If you are interested in starting a group home for teen girls, here are steps you can follow:

Ask for help from the Department of Human Health Services

Group homes are a highly-regulated facilities, and you should seek help so you know the specific guidelines and requirements to follow. Contact the Department of Human Health Services or the government agency responsible for social services in your area. Important details that you should ask about are the number of children you are allowed to accommodate, how many staff members are required, what trainings these staff should undergo, and what amenities the facility should be equipped with.

Create a business plan

You will need to create a business plan describing the operations, strategies and funding that you plan to implement. Include an effective vision and mission statement that captures the formative reasons behind your plan of starting the group home. The business plan will serve as your application letter in getting the necessary certifications and funding for your project. It will also help you choose a direction for the group home.

Create a rehabilitation curriculum

You will need to implement a rehabilitation system with relevant programs, policies and regulations in the facility you are setting up. The curriculum should be in line with your vision and mission statement and should be organized and detailed. It is also important to develop an orientation and training procedure for the people you intend to hire as staff members. You can contact licensed specialists and experts in related fields like rehabilitation, therapy, education, counseling and nutrition for help developing the curriculum.

Register the facility as a non-profit organization

Registering the facility as a non-profit organization will allow you to qualify for tax credits and funding opportunities. This step will help you get the necessary permits and certifications. You may also need legal advice.

Select and furnish the appropriate facility with the necessary materials

Be sure to select a facility that will be able to accommodate the number of children you plan to serve. You may need to employ a licensed contractor for the construction of the facility. Furnish the facility with holistic teaching materials and equipment. The facility should also have clean and comfortable amenities and furniture.

Obtain the necessary licenses and insurance

You will need to apply for the license of the group home and insure the facility with necessary insurance like fire and general liability insurance.

Hire qualified staff

Use the orientation and hiring program you previously developed as a basis for selecting the employees to hire. Be sure to select compassionate individuals who have the necessary skills and qualifications, and conduct background checks on the applicants.

Advertise your services

After your facility has been set up, you may want to advertise it to the community. Create brochures with the necessary contact information and share them with local community centers, schools and churches.


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