Reason Why Georgia Bulldogs Wear Black Uniforms

Georgia Bulldogs seniors wear black uniforms for solidarity purposes in order to unify everybody including the players and fans alike for a blackout theme game.

Traditionally, teams would have their school color as their team uniform but Georgia Bulldogs seniors thought differently for the past three years. Instead of supporting the traditional red as the usual Bulldogs uniform, the seniors requested their coach Mark Ritch to ask the fans to wear black on their  Saturday game against the Auburn. The team thought of having a blackout game. For that season the team went to more than asking the fans to support their call. They also had their jersey’s uniform color changed as well. It has been a common gimmick for teams to have a red out, white out, blackout, and all other themes to boost more excitement for any game events. Georgia Bulldogs had a different and only one reason for this game’s wearing of black uniform. Details will be discuss further below:

All for solidarity

It has been talked about that Georgia Bulldogs may wear black jerseys for their next game, Nike has produced a black retail jersey in addition to Georgia Bulldogs merchandise for the fans. The Bulldogs have never worn black jerseys ever since. For the 2007 game, the players approach their coach to express that the team wanted a black jersey for years. Finally, Richt surprised them with the new black jersey for the Auburn game in 2007 and were using it in every big games. Fans thought that it creates a big morale boost for the players and for the fans alike. However, Ritch expresses that this change of uniform color does not interpret any symbolism or representation at any form. It is only to call for solidarity in unifying everyone including the fans to support a blackout game.

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