Top 5 Georgia Bulldogs Items You Can Collect

The top five Georgia Bulldogs collectibles include the team’s apparel, football replicas and helmets, bobble heads and figurines, banners and pennants, and decals

For athletes and fans of Georgia Bulldogs, here are the top five items you can add up to your collection and live up that Bulldog spirit:

Georgia Bulldogs apparel

The number one collectible that the fans of Georgia Bulldogs love to get are the team’s apparel.  Shirts, jerseys, caps, and even towels are always favorite items to collect and to give to friends.  The variety of designs available for these apparel and their usability make them a popular choice for fans.  Some wear or simply bring these Georgia Bulldogs merchandise on game days and have them signed by their favorite players.

Football replicas and helmets

Football is still one of the most famous sports in US.  Both athletes and fans love to get football replicas and football helmets as part of their collection.  There are plenty of Georgia Bulldogs football replicas, both signed and unsigned by players, available in sports specialty shops.  You can also find authentic and replica helmet collectibles to display in your room.

Bobble heads and figurines

Georgia Bulldogs bobble heads are cool decorations you can put in your cars and on your desks.  Figurines are also great decorations for your bedrooms.  Usual designs include a bulldog wearing your team’s uniform and holding a football or other sports equipment and replica Georgia Bulldogs football stadiums.  You can also find a variety of Christmas-themed designs perfect for holiday gifts.

Banners and pennants

Show your support for Georgia Bulldogs by putting up pennants in your rooms, lockers, or even in your cars.  Banners are also popular collections you can place on your room walls.  You can find both horizontal and vertical banners at your favorite local sports shops.

Georgia Bulldogs decals

Georgia Bulldogs decals make good decorations for your lockers, rooms, and cars.   You can find a variety of designs from specialty shops, ranging from its logo to bulldog-designed stickers.  You can also bring out your creativity and make your own design for a more unique decal.

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