Top 7 Sources of Free Downloadable LSU Tigers Wallpaper

Athletes and fans of LSU Tigers have seven places to go to find free downloadable LSU Tigers wallpapers.  These are LSU-related and college-related websites such as LSU Athletics official website, LSU official website,,, Collegiate Wallpapers, and SEC Football Zone.  You may also check out other websites such as Cool Chaser, Photobucket, and Flicker.

A lot of websites offer downloadable LSU Tigers wallpapers for your desktop and layouts, but some offer them for a fee.  Here are the best places to go to find the coolest wallpapers free of charge:

This is the official website of LSU Athletics where you can find just about anything related to LSU Tigers.  You can find game schedules, list of team members, LSU merchandise, free videos, pictures, and wallpapers, among others.  Under their multimedia category, you can find free downloadable wallpapers grouped according to school year.  You can easily choose from classical wallpapers up to the current school year’s wallpapers.

LSU Official Website

You may also visit,  which is the offical website of LSU.  Aside from information about academics and other news, you can also view and download LSU songs, videos, logo, and wallpapers for free.  Just go to the media category and click on downloads, then funstuff. shows schedules of LSU Tigers Football team games on TV, other LSU related-website links, and miscellaneous features, such as free download of picture wallpapers, logos, and videos.  Just visit their website and click on miscellaneous, then wallpapers to find some great LSU Tigers wallpapers. is a great place where LSU Tigers fans interact and talk about their teams, their sports, and anything else related to their college athletic division.  Check out the forum’s Tiger’s Den category where LSU Tigers sports topics are discussed and shared, including the wallpapers you are looking for, which are created by member-fans.

Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football Zone

SEC football zone provides information on different football teams, inlcuding game schedules, tickets, team statistics, and links to free downloadable ringtones and wallpapers.  Aside from providing free wallpapers, SEC Football zone also shows a step-by-step guide on how to download their pictures.

This website specializes in providing wallpapers for different colleges in the US, including LSU and LSU Tigers for free.  Choose from a variety of designs that you want to apply on your desktop, your network community layout, such as MySpace, or even on your mobile phone.

Other websites

Other websites where you can download free LSU Tigers wallpapers include Coolchaser, Photobucket and Flicker.  Coolchaser is famous for providing wallpapers for your desktop and layouts, whereas Photobucket and Flicker are photo storage websites where you can search for LSU Tigers wallpapers.

Aside from being free, these websites offer you a wide variety of really cool wallpapers to choose from.

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