Malaysia Boleh? Tak Boleh!

Malaysians can do many amazing things. Our people has climbed Mount Everest, sail the seven seas, won a medal from Olympic Games, send some lad up to the space to enjoy some space ride for a couple of days, and many more. Yes indeed, we have the spirit that could make our people do many things that’s thought not possible to achieve. With Malaysia Boleh attitude, we definitely can achieve a lot of things, but there is one thing that can never be achieved by Malaysians, or certain community in Malaysia, which is liberating the orthodox mindset.

We can never freely or question national religion. That’s definitely one thing that is ‘Tak Boleh’ in Malaysia. Oh, yes, sir! That’s definitely one thing you can never question about. It’s stated LOUD AND BLOODY CLEAR in our smugly written, and always updated constitution. The religion is to be looked upon with such admiration and supremacy, whether you believe in it or not, or whether you like it or not. You have no other way to go about it but to like it. We are not to think otherwise of it or we’re definitely be asking for people to gut out your inner organs and suffer a slow and bloody death. Well, maybe that’s a way too gory description about it, but more or less, it’s something like it, since the religion cannot be question at all cost. It’s a godly decree that by all cost, you must obey. Question it once, then you’re a goner. It doesn’t matter if they are using religion to step the weaker ones, especially women on the head and laugh at them all the way to the next dimension.

And then there’s this, we are not ready to have two leaders from different major faith to sit together at the same table and discuss what they can do to improve the life of mankind instead of bickering and constantly be at each other’s throat on whose God is the ‘true’ God or who is supposed to reign supreme in this wretched world.

While the a Pope and an Imam elsewhere could sit down and on the same table and discuss non-religion related things such as solution to restore peace for the world, racial indiscrimination, starvation and what could religion do to influence mankind to be at peace with each other instead of stoking tension, I dare to imagine that Malaysian can never do that.

We are not ready for such discussion. And I dare to bet my whole year’s wages that not in a hundred years we will ever be ready for such discussion, where leaders of all religion puts their difference aside and discuss what’s plaguing the world and search for some resolve.

We’re not ready for that, indefinitely, because of the age-old thinking that has been instill to control our minds by people who lusts after power; that people of different religion holds different beliefs hence there are nothing in common between people who profess different faith.

We are taught that two major religion of the world are arch enemy, where one would always contradict each other. Certain people has always made sure that the two faith would not be united to resolve what has gone wrong in the world for the sake of mankind so that political gain could be achieved. We are always taught that when two leaders of different religion sits at the same table to discuss things, it will always be about changing or shaking one’s faith.

‘Malaysia Boleh’ in many things, but definitely ‘Tak Boleh’ in this area, and never will be. Mindset of the people are hard to change, as it has been in our heads for God knows how long. Oh! We are a fool for believing in such things.

How much had we missed for not being united in solving what is plaguing our men, women, children and future of the world? While a minority few in this country do realize that religions ought to be used to prosper the nation instead of political gains, there is not much things that the minority few could do, because the majority always bullied the minority, silenced them, and shove them into the dark corner, and never speak a word about it again.

Once again, dear readers, while the world is moving forward and embracing indiscrimination and peace, Malaysia will still be left behind with our orthodox and non-liberated thinking. While U.S would be ready for it’s first non-white skin President, ours would never be ready for a non-Malay Prime Minister, because we will never ditch the ‘supremacy factor’. The acts of certain people belied their faith, where in the eyes of God, everyone is equal. What differentiate them from one another is just the good deeds that they do in life.

While children of different skin colours and ethnicity in U.S could start dreaming of being a President when they grow up or start composing essays on their ambitions to be a president for their creative writing lessons, Malaysian children would be deprived of such dreams and such freedom to write, because just by doing so, certain people In Malaysian society would simply laugh at the children in question or condemn them for being silly or not being able to differentiate between fantasy and harsh reality. In worst case scenario, those children too would also be punish for treachery and be put under ISA for threatening the national security.

The picture above what Malaysia is not ready for: Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, left, talks with Mustafa Ceric, head of the Bosnia Islamic Community, during a a three-day Catholic-Muslim forum hosted by the Vatican this month. Click HERE to read the full article.

Cleffairy: When will we be able to give our children the freedom to dream and make it a reality?

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13 Responses to Malaysia Boleh? Tak Boleh!

  1. Hi dear.
    I’m dropped by before going to the exam hall.
    I certainly agree with u…

    But, for me, I always believe in unity and serenity.
    I told myself, since I’m from National school,
    I’m a Malaysian, and I’m proud to be a Malaysian.
    No one can ever stopped me from be friend with the other races and religions, for me, it’s not even a boundary!

    People who make it as boundary, are the people who never see the real things, the reality, how good we are if we don’t judge people from that aspects.

    About the religious discussion, in my campus, we had do that. I forgot what the name of the program, but, as I heard, they called the priest, Imam and one more *I’m sorry, can’t recall*

    I do love song so much!
    Dedicate it to you and all Malaysians out there!

    Love u dear!
    Wish me luck for my exam!


  2. Our country still have a long way to go!

  3. KevinP says:

    Pete… our country has been hitting the reverse gear…. not just a long way to go… a VERY VERY long way to go… unless one leader can take us back up at light speed.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Zara, OMG, exam today and still visit me? OMG, I’m so touched! Best of luck to you, I hope you pass with flying colours, sweetie. I also came from Sekolah Kebangsaan, and most of my close friends do not share same faith or same skin colour as me, and I’ve always been viewed as ‘the weird one’ for befriending people who are not from my own race. I never sit well with people who discriminate, and i always have the mind of my own when i was still in school, hence, I dun really get along well with majority of people who discriminate. I always believe that god create human to be at peace with each other. Sad to see not everyone thinks like you and me, Zara. Anyway, I did not know that campuses are allowed to have such forum. When I was still in college, such thing was banned- college policy or something, if I’m not mistaken! Good to know you uni have it. I like that song, very meaningful, thank you for the dedication, Zara… muack… here’s all your luck again. 😀

    Pete…our country would at least need to ride on F1 or a bullte train to catch up with the world.

    Kevin, woots, good to have you back, Kevin. I missed yakking… gonna visit your site after lunch, now I’m armed with work. 😦 Pathetic! Yeah, our country have been on reverse gear, these few years, I couldn’t agree more with you… who can bring our country forward? I’m afraid, that’s a rhetoric question that is not meant to be answered.

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  6. fergie says:

    I get goose bumps each time I hear that “boleh” stuff. Semua boleh lah .. who are we kidding! We are so boleh we can even tell super powers off .. tell me one thing we tak boleh .. my toes oso laughing! Kevin has hit the nail on the head. Kevin boleh!!!

  7. langkau says:

    hhm…in Sarawak, we do have some kind of interfaith dialogues where leaders of different religions and denominations discuss ‘daily issues’ such as “moral values”, school education, unemployment, youth cultures etc. They probably do it once a year, I’m not too sure but I remembered my uncle talking about it. He’s one of the church pastors who attend this kind of meeting. But of course lah, this kind of meeting isn’t done at a large scale as you wrote above. Maybe our political leaders are too dumb to realize that while the rakyat is making positive efforts toward unity, the politicians are too busy building their egos and destroy us. Definitely, ‘Tak Boleh’ one…

  8. Celine says:

    Aiya, what to do lar! Who ask you to stay in Malaysia? If you complain some more, they will ask you to get your ass out from Malaysia. That is the best they can do!

  9. chrisau says:

    well, it’s all in the mindsets….ditto!

  10. isley chang says:

    our country independence is only 50 years with the country is run by political party base of race, of ocs now tak boleh have a non-malay to be the country leader unless all the political party is not base of race.

    the slave have become president at uncle sam land but here at bolehland the non bumi will always be 2 class citizen.

  11. KevinP says:

    Comeon cleffy.. Malaysia boleh… minyak turun.. lain tarak turn… PLUS boleh kasi diskaun… crony boleh maintain profit… kerana kerajaan boleh tolong… see all the Boleh?

  12. Yes, let’s start with the children…invest in their belief. If each of us stop our monologue and start talking with each other regardless of kith and kin, and think forward, make things positive for our children…certainly Malaysia Boleh because it’s the right thing to do.

  13. cleffairy says:

    Sigghhh, it’s been a very long day for me, people. Sorry for the delayed reply.So here goes… 😛

    Aunt Iris… Malaysia semua boleh punya lah! Name one thing we tak boleh…we became the joke of the century. Sometimes, things are really retarded wan. 😛

    , omg, they do have such interfaith discussion? I must be living under a coconut shell, because it’s something that is kinda unheard of, for me. In my end here, in KL, such thing are almost unheard of…I mean, such things are not done publicly.

    Celine, lmao… actually, that’s what they always do, they always as “Cina balik China, Hindu balik India’, but the problem here is, they do not know their history well. Look into the history book. Where did Malays come from in the first place? Where did the first Malaccan Sultan came from? the real natives in Malaysia is actually the aborigins, not Chinese, Malay or even Indians… 😦

    Chris the mindset is already screwed up… can still unscrew it ah?

    Isley, I’d second that. 😛 Really, the non-bumis are not only 2nd class citizens, but 3rd class citizens. You see, there are alot of orang asli who are born and bred in Malaysia, and yet some of them still haven’t have any form of identification such as birth certificate, while foreigners gets VISAs and stuff easily under Malaysia as my second home program. As long as the foreigners, especially from Middle East have at least USD100k(or issit less, i can’t remember) to deposit, then they can come to Malaysia with their goddam entire family. This country is full of bullshits. The authorities should have at least take care of our citizen’s welfare first before bringing some foreigners in to leech our country’s wealth and prosperity.

    Kevin *snarl* memang, semua boleh. But all the boleh mostly benefit the big fishies, people like us get nothing… 😛 you’re right on the boleh part la, actually, we’re one of the first country to be sodomized, anyway. 😛

    , we definitely can start with the children and the younger generation, however, people who are ‘governing’, in the midsts of the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ attitude, still keep certain issues like racial cards at bay…where nobody is allowed to question anything at all in regards to supremacy 😦

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