Why do you have to show it on TV?

I have always loved beautiful and romantic things, so gory and obscene things doesn’t sit very well with me. Two days ago, before going to work, I watched porn. At least that’s something I would disgustedly consider as porn, on national TV, no less.

In porn world, I could easily consider it as bondage, humiliation and orgy. What’s worst, it involves minor boys who are barely legal. Ah, the joy of watching a bunch of children being circumcised on national TV. Was it joy or horror? I’m not sure.

I’ve known that it’s a Muslim practice that having their small children circumsized for the purpose of hygiene, but is it a practice to document the children’s pain and agony while they are going though the process? Is humiliation part of Islam? I’m sure it’s not, but now I’m not sure anymore, seeing schools are having circumcision party, or in Malay language, they call it ‘Majlis berkhatan ramai-ramai’.  For those who are not aware of this, yes, some schools in Malaysia are doing this bloody thing, where they encourage boys to participate in it. What’s worst, the procedure of cutting the foreskin was not done in private, where only the doctor and the boy in question is involved, but it’s done in a bloody school hall, where the boys are completely exposed to spectator’s view. I would have fainted on the spot if I was a twelve years old school student who happens to pass by that area when they’re performing the procedure, no kidding.

Nothing in xxxwhatsoever.com could compare to watching children being circumsize in the school hall where plenty of boys being placed in separate makeshift bed made from school table. These boys are then held down by a couple of adults, men and women alike. As the adults hold down the reluctant boys, the circumsizer placed a ring or some sort on the boy’s penis and cut the foreskin off, ignoring the boy’s excruciating pain and screaming. I saw it on TV where parents chided their children, saying it’s not painful and stuff. How could it not be painful when someone cut your bloody penis skin off without giving any bloody painkillers to you? What irks me the most is the parents and the TV station have the cheek to record down entire procedure explicitly and broadcast the entire thing, including when the cutting is done.

I’m not questioning the Muslim’s practice for doing thing, I can’t be bothered, but I am questioning MALAYSIANS for doing this. So far, I haven’t seen any Muslim elsewhere armed with a camcorder when their children is being circumsize. The children in question must be humiliated, no doubt when their parents decided to record down their screaming and writhing in pain when their foreskin is being cut off. Bloody hell, why can’t you assholes just send your kids to clinics where the docs would give your kids anesthetic and perform the entire procedure in private without the kids trashing about and screaming in pain for the entire world to see? It would have spared the kids humiliation, pain and trauma. Does the word ‘modern medicine practice’ gives no meaning to you?

I really could not comprehend the logic and the rational of recording the circumcision procedure not for the sake of documentary, but for the sake of ‘nostalgic’ memory. I really doubt those boys would want to see themselves screaming and crying in pain on TV. I, for once, would not like my parents to record down a moment like that and broadcast it for the entire nation to see. To say I was horrified when I Isaw it on MHI, TV3 a couple of days ago was an understatement. I wouldn’t give a damn if the whole thing was shown on medical show as documentary or something, but morning breakfast show?

What is becoming to the culture where we’re modest, prim and proper? AND WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR CENSORSHIP BOARD? Bloody hell, you won’t allow any tv station to show any kissing scene, and yet you can allow this gory scene involving children being circumsize shown on tv? Do you people have any idea how traumatizing such thing can be to some certain viewers, especially little children who happen to watch the show ?

Cleffairy: From now on, I’ll be more careful when I’m watching MHI. The viewer rate could have been 18-SX for all I care!


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24 Responses to Why do you have to show it on TV?

  1. Hi dear…
    Ahh…This is just a common practice in my religion.
    But, as you mentioned about showed that in TV etc., well, I’m a bit disagree on that. So far, I didn’t see it on air, [I mean, show the procedures etc.], but yeah, it’s sounded humiliated a bit…(a lot actually)…

    All of my siblings done that in clinic. No cam, no whatsoever. Those guys said that, its not even pain (pretend I bet)…LOL!

    Hahaha…you said it’s a “porn”…That’s how some people in Malaysia categorized it dear. Sometimes, it’s just okay, but then, with the laws, bla bla bla….they just make us pissed off…

    Eg: Muallaf that’ll be screen on 27th Nov in Singapore. Don’t know what the “pihak bertanggungjawab” did…Its hard to screen that in Malaysia!
    I really want to watch it! Gosh~ They just make it as issue for certain aspects. Argh! Is this been called as democracy?

  2. cleffairy says:

    Zara, my dear, how was your exam? I trust it went well? I am very aware that this is a common practice in Islam, and I know they do it to little girls too when they’re still a baby, but apparently, nobody are boasting about cutting their little girls’ clitoris when they’re still a baby, so i really don’t understand why they’re recording the whole thing when it’s performed on their boys and show it on tv. I find it really, really disturbing, because i cannot imagine how humiliated and ashamed those boys would feel when their parents show them the vid. Show it to the entire family, have a good laugh at the boy’s antics…that really doesn’t sit well with me, Zara. But in this case, it’s worst. It’s shown on tv… Malaysia Hari Ini, on TV3. 😦

    Zara, your brothers did it in a clinic, that’s really fine with me. At least I know that their experience was very different from those boys I saw on TV. Your brothers were probably given painkillers… lmao… that’s why they are so macho about it, saying it’s not pain and all… or maybe, like you say, they pretend that it’s not pain to jaga air muka. LMAO. I know these days boys are not circumsize the traditional way, with ‘batang pisang’ ‘tok mudim’ and all. These days it’s more hygenic and less painful, but when i saw it’s being done on tv, I’m not so sure anymore. LOL.

    I dunno how else I can categorize it as…. with a bunch of adult holding down a small boy while his foreskin is being cut off in public… aihh…

    Hmm… I haven’t heard of Muallaf…it’s about converts, right? What is it about Zara, do you have any idea what it is about? What’s so controversial about it that they cannot show it on tv? Damn… I could have sworn that seeing a bunch of boys being circumsize is more controversial than Mualaf.

  3. I love to read your opinion on this. Cz as I told you before, I’m a proud Malaysian, and proud to be the part of community here.

    Just hope people who showed it on TV will be more careful next time. It’s a good things if be publish as documentary (for education purpose), but, sometimes, it’ll go over board just like that. Haiz~

    Owh ya, Muallaf will be in Singapore’s cinema (while most of Malaysian’s craze to watch it). Don’t know the exact reason, but heck, they said about Sharifah Amani (who been bald in the film – the dad shave her hair), then about sort of things like that’s Yasmin Ahmad films.

    Don’t know how we want to educate those people~the films are good! Don’t judge something before u watch it~ Sounds baka la those person…

  4. BTW, don’t forget to have Char Kuey Teow and ABC ya?


  5. Pureglutton says:

    OMG! What an inhuman thing to do! I totally agree that this is so humiliating, distasteful and what were they thinking about when they showed such footage??! Maybe just as sensationalism to boost their tv ratings??

  6. cleffairy says:

    Zara, I have never meant to be disrespectful or anything, but really la, I cannot imagine how those kids feel. 😦 I’m proud to be Malaysian too, but sometimes, the things that our people do… is really inappropriate. I was shocked to see they show the procedure on tv, and the parents laughing at their kids for being silly or crying when their foreskin is being cut off… what’s more on breakfast show, not a medical documentary. I was unprepared for such scene to be shown on MHI, no joke. Thank God there are no young toddlers around me at that time, or else, they would have been scared by the screaming or the wails of pains by those boys in the circumsicion hall. 😦 i really don’t know what the parents were thinking, allowing their children to be circumcise in public that way. i felt that they should send their kids to clinic to do it, where it’ll be more hygienic and less traumatizing to my opinion.

    Hmm, Muallaf sounds interesting… why the hell can’t they show it in Malaysia? Do they need to wait for international recognition like Puteri gunung Ledang had receive then only show it in Malaysia? 😦

    *sigh* dunno I will have time for lunch or not today… lol… I’m overloaded with work.

    Pureglutton, welcome to my blog. 😀 Yeah, exactly, I feel that’s it’s very inappropriate to show on tv like that, what’s more it’s not a medical documentary.

  7. eugene says:

    Ai yoh yoh, Malaysia boleh ma. Give you riddle, tell me how can Razak Baginda be so sure that Najib tak mengenal Altantuya, was he with him 24/7, was he sleeping with him,shit with him? In Malaysia, semua boleh.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Eugene… oh, yahoorrr, I forget. It must be because of the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit, that is why they can show it on TV. Hmm, it is actually very surprising that the fatwas people are imposing ban on tomboys when there are so many homosexual men in Malaysia. *smirk* points to our little explosive feller.

  9. calvin says:

    i was circumcised when i was very little coz my dad wants me to. he was circumcised before marriage. i remember once in kindergarten, i went to the toilet and noticed my friends “ku-ku” was different from mine. i ended up crying back home saying that my lil brother is cacat. my mum told me otherwise. she said that mine’s different coz its cleaner and stronger….hahahah. but that’s a different story.

    anyways, eugene said it all. malaysia boleh!!!! i guess porn is a widespread disease that has been consuming our humans’ brains for far too long, it is a norm now. but displaying boys “sunat-ing” on tele is an embarassment and a disgrace. talking about homosexual men in malaysia, last nite tv3’s 360 programme was discussing about our MAS stewards being gay and all. they interviewed one of their employee and he bared all. he also said that 70% of males employees in the sky are gays. unbelievable……yucks!!!! i’ll not be flying MAS again. all of the sudden can feel someone playing your balls….heheheheh.

  10. arc says:

    I’m so relief that I hv been circumsized in a private room haha

  11. Dreamkid says:

    Lucky for me I’m not a Muslim boy. I think I’ll be traumatized for the rest of my life after that.

    I’ve managed to hit 16k. I hope I will me able to manage 10k a day from tomorrow onwards. I did 5k last night.

    I’m sure you’ll win. You already have 41k.

    Hope to get the certificate with you on December the 5th =)

  12. chrisau says:

    it shouldn’t be shown on national tv as i consider this to be something private. Though it’s also consider a sacred act (as I heard most pinoys are circumcised too in their catholic faith), I totally disagree showing it on tv. It’s also gross!!

  13. cleffairy says:

    Calvin, you were circumcise? OMG, I had always thought only the Muslim and Jews practice such thing, and some Catholics too, it never occurred to me that others practice it too… I thought you grew up as Buddhist… =.= pardon my ignorance. Apparently, in this screwed up country, only the Malay Muslim seems to be ‘boasting’ about their kids being ‘sunat’. Erm… I wouldn’t be able to differentiate a ku-ku that’s circumcise or not… =.= got difference ahh? I felt that recording your kids sunat-ing and wailing in pain-because they were not given any painkillers during the procedures is a disgrace! I bet the kids dun even want it to be recorded, what were the parents thinking, recording such ‘eventful’ things to be watched later? I would be horrified if I were put in those kids shoes! Imagine my entire family watch my ku-ku bird’s skin being cut off on a recording… what’s worst, it was not done in private… it’s done in a bloody hall for heavens sake!

    OMG, I can’t believe this! 70% of those MAS air-stewards are gays? How can that even be possible? I take MAS all the time back to hometown. 😦 to think I’ve been ogling at them almost shamelessly during my flights….(what else can you do on flight besides sleep and ogling? LMAO) *sigh*… I couldn’t even tell that they are not straight la… aiyooorrrhhh

    Arc, it’s a good thing you were circumcise in a private room… it duzzin matter whether you’ve gone through the traditional way or the modern medicine way, at least you were spared the humiliation of being recorded and laughed at by your entire family later. 😦 male circumcision if fine with me, but why must do it in public? It was not stated in the holy book to do such thing, is it? Mengaibkan orang je!

    Dreamkid, I just figured out that not only Muslim families practice such things… LOL… Ahhh, you hit 16k? Whoa, you got a long way to go there. You can manage a 5k in one night, wow, that’s not something that I can achieve… 😦 I get distracted easily. 😦 Anyway, Dreamkid, the verification is until 30th November only, not 5th December…. 5th December is the party… =.=

    I second you, it’s definitely revolting, especially when they showed it on a breakfast show. I would have expecting something more gory… like a C-section being performed if it’s a medic show, but it’s not medic show and i really Did not see it coming… I watched it with disgust, not just because of the procedure, but the people’s ignorance towards the child’s mentality. I was having breakfast, for heaven’s sake…my appetite was definitely lost then 😦

  14. Raynebow says:

    Oh yess… there IS a difference between circumcised and non-circumcised kukujiao, believe me! *wink wink* Anyway, like u said… the “Malaysia Boleh” thingy is damn screwed-up – i can’t believe some of the stupid stupid things that happen in this country! Case in point: that stupid Shah Rukh Khan datukship fiasco – just heard the latest on the radio tis morning that he’s not coming for the ceremony – ahh, sorry, i digressed.
    OMG – MAS is infected with gays??! I know the situation is bad but not THIS bad??! (like 80% of the guys in my gym are gays, that i know!)
    Oh BTW, i left u a tip on eating Banana Leaf Rice in my Pureglutton blog, hehe 😉
    Raynebow aka Pureglutton

  15. Maya says:

    If it ain’t painful, ugly, humiliating, they won’t show on national TV haha. I pity the poor boys. I hope my Muslim nephew won’t have to go through this horror and be recorded bawling his head off on TV. How terrible! If you want modern day humour, this could be it ;-(

  16. kikey says:

    feel bad for those boys…
    i think not suppose show on TV too..

  17. keatix says:

    i think circumsision is a good thing really. if i hv a kid, i will get his circumcise.

    hey, so good to be able to read yr blog here in KL, i will away in china again, so, i cannot read u at all :(. it’s blocked, i dont know why. u take care mate! Oh yeah, if u r pregnant now congrats, but if the baby’s a boy, get him to circumcise ahhhh, k? lol.

  18. On TV, I missed that lorr!

  19. James says:

    I totally agree with keatix..I’m getting circumsized next month xP

  20. cleffairy says:

    Raynebow, thank you for your tips on how to eat banana leaf rice… I’m still gathering courage on eating it… ahahaha… I don’t have strong stomach. Will try one when I pass by Brickfields next time. 😦
    back to the ku-ku jiao business… I really have no idea if there’s a difference. I mean… erhemm… it depends how men uses it, am I right? If the man duzzin know how to use it properly, it’s no use, right? Whether it’s circumcise or not… (damn, how do I say this?)
    Shah Rukh Khan can go to hell for all I care… that asshole… but then again, it’s not his fault that the Malaccan government wants to force him to take the award that he dun even care about. 😦 Maybe I’ll write about this later when I’m up to it. LOL… I’m almost delirious… having fever. *sigh* there goes my weekend.

    Maya… it’s horror to me, watching children being circumcise without painkillers. In public summore! Traumatizing, I must say. *sigh* I just hope your nephew dun go through that sort of humiliation… I would suggest modern way of circumcision, if one want to do it…. which means, done by a doctor and in private! 😦

    , yeah, I feel bad for those boys too. 😦 What a shame!

    KTX… ohh, you prefer your children to be circumcise? Oh, well, make sure you dun record down the procedures… I think that is rather humiliating. 😦 So good to see you here too… lol… so you’re back in KL now? LMAO… got marry any China girls anot? 😛 And no, I’m not pregnant lah… aiyohhhh! Who told you I’m pregnant wan? =.= Whether my children will be circumcise or not, I would leave it up to them to decide. if they want it, then they can go ahead and get their foreskin be cut off. If they dun want it, then I’m fine with it. I’m kinda against surgery procedures… so yeah… if my kids want their foreskin to be cut off, I’ll make sure I’m miles away from them…would spare me the misery of listening to their wails…. *sigh*

    Pete, good thing you missed it… LOL… kill your appetite, really!

    …. wtf, get circumcise next month? Oooooo… okay then go ahead… jie wun stop you ahh… dun come crying to jie when they cut your ku ku ahhh! 😛

  21. arc says:

    I was wondering juz now about certain things,

    1st, what if there were some mistakes occured during the circumsisation? The kid will get all the ‘fame’ through his life being mocked by others – and the mockers have evidence; the recorded video.

    2nd, I wont be agree to undergo all that thing without being given any painkiller. Even it is just (oh, just?) foreskin, but it will be amazingly painful?

    3rd, So stupid they broadcasted it. Why do they care to show it on TV? People who underwent it sure knew about it already.

    again, Im relief coz I wont be having dat thing again..
    Oh ya SIS CLEFF, mine was done in modern method, in a clinic. XD

  22. cleffairy says:

    Arc… hahaha. Actually, I was wondering about it also… =.=

    if that happens…

    1. The kid sure malu whole life la…. so kesian…. not only have to deal with a cacat-ed bird, but people mock him summore.

    2. I dunno what kind of parents refused to let their kids have painkillers during the procedures! Stupid or wud?

    Thank god urs is done privately in a clinic, in a modern way… those traditional way, really creeps me out lah. Btw, traditional one… the batang pisang is for wud ah? o.0 so strange!

  23. ecam says:

    the batang pisang used as a cutting board lah. It is cool and smooth. Imagine a snake sitting on a branch. Why snake want to do that?

    I guess because batang pisang is cool so it will prevent an erection during circumsize. Imagine that, about to be cut and you got an erection. Well, you need to ask a mudim exactly what it is for.

    I do mine in a clinic then after that I dun wear a trousers for a week. Just using kain to walk around. HOWEVER, they inject my penis with anesthetic and the needle cause a hole in my shaft that when I tried to take a pee, imagine that it come out the other way. ish ish ish.

    Sunat hurt but compared to a broken leg, that one is uncomparable. I’m in a world of hurt during the time I broke my leg and unable to sleep at night.

  24. cleffairy says:

    Ecam… err… ohh, cutting board … OMG, I cannot imagine how it’s done traditionally. Snake? Sit on batang pisang? How is that possible? The snake would slithered away because the surface is too smooth, wun it? I had always thought snake prefers thorny bushes to help em change skin.

    LOL… if sunat ‘hurt’, imagine giving birth. Most women go through childbirth the natural way- no epidural whatsoever. Painkillers are merely for the episiotomy incision which only last for goddamn 1 hour only…LMAO… I think sunat is nothing in comparison to childbirth… LMAO… we women do not boast about our ordeals during childbirth and show it live on tv, I have no idea why these idiotic parents want to do so for their boys…

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