I’m going straight into the ‘naughty’ list

Disclaimer:This entry is rated NC-17, and intended strictly for adult viewing. Any minors who accidentally stumbled upon this, kindly navigate away. You may find the content of this entry offensive. Read at your own risk.

Yours truly had wanted to write about something else, but since it’s Sunday, perhaps I’d lighten up a bit. Have you guys heard about the eight members of Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) who intend to stalk Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and strip naked when they come face to face with him?

Well, here’s some bits and pieces about it. This is a news back a few weeks ago. So pardon me for the awkward timing of the article.

The men, aged 33 to 50, are from the movement’s Dare to be Nude Squad. And swore that they will strip naked before the Selangor Mentri Besar in protest against the state government’s decision to raise the rental of low-cost houses. To say that I found this piece of news amusing is definitely an understatement, considering the ones who are planning to strip naked in front of a straight man is not women, but middle age men who are probably already wrinkly and soft down there.

Frankly speaking, do they think that by stripping naked and flashing their wrinkling assets would bring the Mentri Besar in question to his knees and comply to their demands?

Think again. Pray tell, which straight man would fall for the nude dance of some unattractive middle age man who probably could not wank or shake their little brother to attention? Their penis is probably something similar to a rotten old banana for all I know. Pretty women going nude and demand for what they want would probably get different result, but those horny men who crave to go nude in public won’t get what they demand for.

Oh yes, going nude to demand for something for middle age men would definitely not work. Even yours truly would puke at the very sight of wrinkly and soft penises dangling about. Such thing is not for the faint-hearted, aye? But then again, since these horny homosexual exhibitionist wannabe men are demanding to go naked at any cost, I suggest that they at least try to make their body look pretty and presentable like the pictures below: (or hire some of these women to get some attention instead)

It is amazing that in Malaysia, women are not allowed to dress up as they saw fit, and yet the Fatwa Council did not come up with any of their oh so mighty decree to stop or ban Muslim men from being exhibitionist. Amazing, isn’t it, dear readers? This is discrimination and chauvinism at it’s best.

So stalking and stripping naked is the new way to get politician to give in to your whims. I wonder what happened to the good old diplomacy and negotiation, anyway? C4-ed to pieces?

Cleffairy: If you want to go out in public nude, you might as well do it tastefully. It’s more than revolting to see men who are old enough to be grandfathers behaving like some horny homosexual exhibitionist wannabes.


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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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34 Responses to I’m going straight into the ‘naughty’ list

  1. Bridge says:

    Oh dear, tell me about it. I hate it when middle aged men try to act goofy just to catch public attention. Haha, like the world would care if they eat fire, jump off the building (except from the Petronas Towers maybe), and more to that, protest nude… geez, GOD forbids.

    Perhaps, the best thing to tell them is to “act according to their age!” They should be very good example for the generation x, as in x-ceptional.

    Common, that strategy is already old, it’s been done several times around the world! Can’t you guys think of something new? Besides, yours are already saggy, yeah?! Look in the mirror and think again.. Tsk, tsk. These guys must be drunk when they released that statement.

  2. Bridge says:

    By the way Cleff, are you from San Diego, CA? Everytime you visit my blog, San Diego appears on my neocounter. Nice to meet you. Keep in touch… 🙂

  3. suituapui says:

    “The men, aged 33 to 50, are from the movement’s Dare to be Nude Squad.” Haiya! Member no women one kah?…Aiyor! Middle-age like rotten banana, old aga one like what leh? Humph!!! Bad, bad girl! You’re not getting any present this Christmas, that’s for sure! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. cleffairy says:

    Bridge…*sigh* as a Malaysian, I’m really ashamed of these men’s indecency. And you’re right, these creeps should be told to act their age. If men their age did bungee jumping or something sporty and extreme, it’ll definitely catch my attention and i would admire them for their courage to do so at their age… but stripping naked to demonstrate and demand for certain things leave bad taste in my mouth. And I daresay that others are disgusted by it too. LOL… I already go “Eww” at the sight of the half naked Pierce Brosnan (cuz he’s all flabby now)… what more middle age and non- hunky men. LMAO.

    Eh, I’m not from San Diego, Bridge, though I occasionally fly around… I think your neocounter detected wrongly. I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And yes, it’s a pleasure to get to know you too. Do keep in touch too. 😀

    Cikgu… no women, of course… if it’s women who are doing all these hanky panky things, I’d say it’ll be more interesting… or not… the fatwa Council will go berserk even before women could claim to go nude in public to demonstrate. Middle age is like rotten banana, old age ones is like wrinkly prunes lohhh. Ahahahahaha. Actually, i already know that Santa won’t be giving me and pressie this year… I had phone call and emails from Santa a couple of days ago, he said recession hits North Pole and he’s already pok kai! 😛

  5. Kellaw says:

    Kid : Eh? Mum, What lai de? Hanging one?
    Mum : Nonono hon. It’s sagging dear not hanging.
    People around : Buahahahahaha!!!!(proceeds to drop down on the floor laughing till stomach burst)

  6. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… I wouldn’t want to see any sagging ding-a-ling! LOL…such sagging and wrinkled thing will be scarring some innocent children’s eyes, won’t it? LMAO.

  7. lz says:

    OMG these are so cute!!! :D:D

  8. cleffairy says:

    Hahaha… Hi Lz, haven’t been seeing you around? been busy with studies? 😛 Yeah, *points up* those are really cute. But I doubt those that belongs to the middle age men would look as cute. *sigh*

  9. ARC says:

    haha I was speechless before the pictures

  10. cleffairy says:

    Arc… huh? You were speechless BEFORE the picture? Why? LOL.

  11. kellaw says:

    clef. cant read your blog in office liao now. just open and the tea lady is staring at my monitor already. i gave here the ” see what see? havent seen a guy watch porn before ar?” look then she left. lol

    kids are curious in nature ma. some will just go there pull or wack it. just like kids do when they see a mascot running around with a tail. they will just pull. wuahahaha
    evil grins

  12. eugene says:

    nvm, if i were to go naked i would rather do it tastfully and beautifully.

    i thought we were all naked stone age ago,may be we should all go back to basic and think nature

  13. Josephine says:

    Hahaha! Now I know why Crayon Shin Chan call “elephant” d.

  14. liyana says:

    hye. ur blog is packed with useful information. keep it on. i love to read ur posts =)

  15. chrisau says:

    hmmm..dun ever let me see it and have the nightmare of the century!

  16. ARC says:

    because they are soo ‘artsy’ la Sis Cleff haha

  17. isley says:

    i looking forward to see them in action.

  18. When they strip, just laugh and says aiya like balitong only larrrr, ha ha ha ha. LMAO

  19. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… got disclaimer in the beginning of this entry… read at your won risk. I guess that applies to everyone, not just minors.

    Eugene… hahaha… you’re daring enuff to go naked in public? OMG, that’s shocking.

    … lol… now you remind me of Shin Chan…. =.= i din notice til you mention it.

    Liyana, thank you for your compliment. Your first visit here, I assume? Welcome to my humble blog, keep in touch, ya?

    Chris… it’ll be a thriller horror if you ever dream about it. Talk about nightmare!

    Arc… kinda pretty body art. LMAO.

    Isley…. huh, you’re looking forward to their action? I’m looking forward to what action will be taken against them. Will they be in ISA for endangering public’s innocence? I tink not. LMAo.

    Pete… I’m never gonna touch balitong again~ Damn! Wonder who will suck those balitong anyway? 😛

  20. suituapui says:

    Ooo…I love balitongs! Just like Pete! Suck…suck…! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. liyana says:

    yeah. and this is the 2nd sure. keep in touch =)
    btw, i’ve replied ur comment on novels in my blog’s comment. do come and visit ya! =)

  22. cleffairy says:

    Cikgu love balitongs? I really cannot understand why ppl like to eat balitong. My husband like to eat it too! The meat is so less!

    Yana… ahahah, dun worry bout it, Yana… now that i got to know you, I’ll be going to your blog to kacau you… lol… I’m very kaypoh wan. 😛

  23. amoker says:

    Actually, i was hoping to see if those UMNO linked chaps dare to do what they publicised? Of course, nothing happened. The whole Reformis kinda died down when the committee voted out the president and his nude tendency. I guess they have nothing to show.


  24. ARC says:

    more posts pls sis cleff…kinda depressed here =.=

  25. ahfu says:

    wow… eye-washing~~

  26. cleffairy says:

    Amoker… they all ‘lembik’ wan la… where got guts to do what they say? Bark at them abit, they run oredi. LOL.

    Arc, I’ve posted some inspirational quotes. Hope it’ll bring up your spirit abit. Why la so depressed?

    Fufu… lol… eye washing? LOL… new kind of eyemo… very colourful! LOL.

  27. calvin says:

    hahahaha….lovely pictures. i think if id run naked in town, the town folks would be vomitting blood…lol

  28. arc says:

    depress coz my test sucks la..sure fail already

  29. cleffairy says:

    Calvin…. lol… i dun tink you will even manage to strip off your clothes lorr… Rachel will smack you silly before you could even go out naked. LMAO.

    Arc… aiyo… apasal…. susah ke?

  30. charlotteslife says:

    I have been going though a difficult time lately and you site has cheered me up. I think I would quite like to the cello look it would suit my shape!

  31. cleffairy says:

    Hi Charlotte, thank you for visiting my little blog. I’m so glad it cheered you up. Stay strong, life is never easy. I had to tell myself to stay strong everyday too. Life is difficult for me too, these days. 😀

  32. KevinP says:

    MOAR!!! MOAR!!! Nottie list… this xmas really void of all the jolly making spirit…

  33. ecam says:

    Psy warfare. Mentri Besar will be having nightmare and lost his taste in sex. Imagine that, shriveled banana anyone?

  34. cleffairy says:

    Kevin… i have the naughty, the bad and the evil list, but I were to publish it here, it’ll ruin the good image that I have… LMAO.

    Ecam =.= shriveled prunes is more like it… ahahahaha. Too small, because too old.

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