Up To Date Blog Award

OMG, Uncle Greg awarded me with an ‘up to date award’. Ahaha… I love the award, but I don’t think I’m qualified enough to receive it, as these days, I hardly can find time to update daily. Life is practically KILLING me mercilessly, and I’m practicing procrastination. I’m supposed to hand over the award to 3 more people whom I think that updated their blog quite often. So, here goes. *Drumrolls please*


Calvin ( You know you cannot lari one. LMAO… ahahaha, sounds familiar?)

Pete (Where did you go, Pete? I miss looking at your constantly updated blog that never fail to make me drool for home cook food.)

Zara ( This girl updated VERY often that I find it hard to catch up with her. LOL)

Okay, now that I awarded 3 people with updated blog that I can think of at the moment, it’s up to you guys to hunt 3 more fellers with updated blog. (Hmm, lemme suggest…. Josephine, Eugene, FuFu, Kikey… etc etc…ahahaha… you name them lah!)

Cleffairy: OMG… I’m a Procrastination Queen. All hail me. LMAO.


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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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7 Responses to Up To Date Blog Award

  1. Hey Liz, congrats on the award! *smileys*

    And anyone who says your blog ain’t frequently updated can ping me for a piece of my mind (that includes you, hahaha :P), because I think your blog is frequently updated and you DO deserve the award! 😀

  2. suituapui says:

    Another award lagi tak dapat! I think I go kill myself….Bye2 cruel world!!!

  3. calvin says:

    alamak!!!! satu lagi foremost!!!! teeheehee. thanks deary….xoxoxoxo

  4. cleffairy says:

    Pau… omg, missed catching you online again… wassup for CNY this year?

    Cikgu…you deserve another kind of award…”Tormentor Award”. Every time read ur blog, never fail to make me feel like wanna hunt down food. Not fair lah. 😦

    Calvin… lmao… no probs… wonder wud happened to Pete, though… he din update for weeks!

  5. Hi Cleff, Thks for the award. Been MIA lately, busy with some work and attending conferences and trainings. Will be back soon! Cheers!

  6. cleffairy says:

    Pete… work is killing me too… hardly have time to relax these days. So many things are going on my mind right now…hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

  7. Ha, tulah.. Penjahat. You never even catch me on MSN anymore *sulk* (Actually it ain’t your fault, I’m the one who’s not on MSN during the day – blame my office network. My failed attempt to try and divert the guilt over to you :P)

    Ah, you know me.. I have reservations towards events like Christmas, CNY and all that. (To me, the only thing that matters is that I’m work-free haha). Headin’ to Alor Setar for reunion dinner, then whole buncha relatives are coming back down to Penang for an apartment stay. I’m bummed that my gym is closed for CNY! I have a bad feeling about the being cooped up for 3D/2N in an apartment with too much food and zero exercise 😦

    How about yourself? You getting days off work for CNY? 🙂

    You always order yummy food during holidays.. got plans for pizzas or cake from Secret Recipe ker? (P/S. If got, gimme some, can ah? *shamelessly asking* hehehe)

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