Try Me…

For those who are facing problems and challenges in life, here’s a quote for you guys, courtesy of my dear Aunt Iris.


Cleffairy: Someone wise said this before, but I couldn’t remember who. Life is like a bitch, gotto fuck it while it’s still young and beautiful. I found the statement is quite true.

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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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13 Responses to Try Me…

  1. hehehe…

    Try me punks…
    Sounds like a gangster but still, want to be a brave person to face the reality~

  2. chrisau says:

    yeap..when the going gets tough, the TOUGH gets going!
    ( i love this song …..!)

  3. ahfu says:

    hahaha life is like a dick, fuck when it is hard =)

  4. Josephine says:

    I will say: “Don’t come to me pls…”

  5. u-jean says:

    when life puts you in tough situations, don’t say WHY ME? just say


  6. calvin says:

    wise words of wisdom, sifu 🙂 …….me go pangsai now *terkentut*

  7. KevinP says:

    Wow! Great words to live by.. yeah! BN!! Try ME!!!

  8. Celine says:

    Definitely a good one. I am in the middle of bad mood and I came across with your post. You have just enlightened my day!!

  9. eugene says:

    yup,you need to know that you have the capabilty and the uncanny power to make the impossible possible.

  10. kellaw says:

    make lemonades. hahaha

  11. isley chang says:

    life in tough situation??


  12. Ha Ha….support your statement 100%, especially the xxxxx one….LOL

  13. cleffairy says:

    Zara… fuyohhh… so gangsta… ahahaha…

    Chris… eh? I never heard that song before… gonna search on youtube later…

    FuFu… lol…that statement is right also… lol…erm… pretty inspirational too.

    Jo… hahaha… aiyoo… so scared of challenges ar?

    u-jean… I’ve been whining “Why me” a couple of times…until my Aunt Iris knocked me on the head with the quote. SHe’s rite, instead of whining, should face the probs bravely.

    … omg, smelly all the way to KL… 😛

    … BN is not in a better shape… *grinz*. See wud happened in KT… a sign of ppl not supporting DPM for his coming premiership?

    Celine… I’m glad it lighten up your day. Cheer up, k? I’m in tough situation too. 😦

    Eugene… wah, sounds like mission impossible!

    Kellaw… yeah… when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it. Thank you for reminding me.

    Isley… wow… you like challenges don’t you?

    Pete… omg, just make sure you dun show your daughter this… I dun wanna be guilty for spoiling her sweet eyes. LOL…

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