Boss oh, boss!

My best friend Pauline sent me these a couple of days ago, and I thought of sharing it with you guys instead of writing another mind boggling article for you guys to read and rant about. Hope you guys enjoy it as I did.








Cleffairy: Does the quantity of time spent on certain job always determines quality?

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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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7 Responses to Boss oh, boss!

  1. Hahahaha…

    You make me laughed early in the morning dear.

    It’s so lovely…I mean, if I do have a boss like that (let see, my future Principal), whether I’ll just bow my head and be a Yes Man, i’ll shout to him back but in a good way. Be a responsible teachers in a good manner…

    Well, those autocratic boss, we can have them in this world, but not all the time…

  2. kikey says:

    quantity not equal to quality! 🙂

  3. Josephine says:

    work work work
    tonite i OT again! I need to finish all my work before I go for my CNY holiday!

  4. kellaw says:

    the answer to your ques is no. i always go home sharp one. wuahahah

  5. ahfu says:

    lol situation is getting worse nowadays…

  6. calvin says:

    no need die for employer. must work hard but work smart, like me 🙂 back from my hiatus state already..

  7. ha ha, print it out and put at your office notice board then quickly go for CNY holidays! Do if after the boss pay bonus!

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