The right move? Castling? Check? And checkmate?

When I was a naive little girl, like many girls my age, I dream to be a monarch- a princess. And sharing the very same name as the British Monarch Elizabeth, I foolishly thought that one day, I will also wear the Crown Jewel on my head and be a queen. I used to dream of being a princess because princesses are usually loved by her adoring subjects, and not to mention that she have an easy live and usually ends up marrying her Prince Charming and live happily ever after in her beautiful castle surrounded by people who will obey to her every single whims. I was an ignorant girl. I wanted a fairytale kind of life.

But as I grew up, the dream to be a queen or a princess started to fade away, as I learn that being a monarch is not just about sitting on the throne being admired by my subjects or even having my every man and woman alike wait on me hand and foot. I slowly understood that a monarch’s job is definitely not enjoy the pleasure that life got to offer, but to serve the people and take care of their interest. And as I grew up, I thanked God that I was not born a reigning princess or a queen as being one, restriction will be imposed upon me. I would have to put my heart and interest behind and follow strict palace rule and protocol no matter where I am and what I do. And I suspect that being a reigning monarch too would undermine my love life, as I probably would have to marry out of the interest of my country and not for love. A political marriage is definitely not my idea of a fairy-tale happily ever after . So dear readers, I can speak with conviction that I’m more than pleased that I was born a commoner instead of royalty.

However, these days, I get pretty wistful for just being a commoner that is not able to do anything for my country in the times of political distress and economic instability. I wish I could at least do something for my country and the people around me, regardless of their age, race, religion and sex. I really wish I could do something in benefit of the people instead of just sitting in front of the PC and vents my heart out through my writing in dissatisfaction of what’s going on in the country that seems to move 100 steps backwards once it tried to take one step forward. Though I believe that the pen is sharper than the tip of a sword, I think in some certain circumstances, action speaks louder than words.

When I see the nonsense that’s going on in Perak-the political turmoil where BN overthrow the Pakatan Government like a quick sly fox, I was quite aghast and speechless. And the progress that unfolds during the entire process to bring down the Pakatan Rakyat government probably made my eyes as round as a flying saucer. I could not believe what happened, and was dumbfounded for some time before I could actually absorb the political progress in Perak.

To me, what BN did to overthrow the Pakatan Rakyat Government was not democracy. I have another term to describe what they did, which is robbing and cheating the citizen. BN, or rather the DPM himself created this unnecessary political mayhem and robbed the citizens their rights to re-elect their state representatives by convincing the monarch to decree for new government to be done as soon as possible.

Amoker and Eugene had vent their disbelief and distaste regarding the political drama in Perak, and so, here is my take. A little bit late to comment on the entire issue, but if I don’t say something about it, then I suppose I am not the feisty and fiery Cleffairy.

The political-action drama that could have made into Blockbuster reminds me of a chess game I had many year ago with my father. First, DPM Najib-the man who is desperate for political stability before he becomes Prime Minister had no choice but to play a political chess game, or else when he takes the PM helm, he will, without a doubt inherit a weak government from Pak Lah.

Back then in 2003, when Pak Lah took over the PM post from Tun Dr. M, he inherited a strong government where the people have full trust in him. Tun Dr. M made sure that his successor had full support of the party and the people. He also made sure that no one had the reason to kick Pak Lah from his PM post when he was made PM by making the man a favourite among the people. Tun Dr. M also made sure when he resigned, the country is also not in a political turmoil or in financial crisis. In other words, Pak Lah inherited a strong government from Tun Dr. M. Everything was nicely prepared for him and all he needs to do is be a strong visionary PM and pick up where Tun Dr. M left.

Unfortunately it was not the same for DPM Najib in 2009. Pak Lah screwed up a lot of things, and all he will inherit is just a weak government and a country that is struggling in recession. The people are restless and in uncertainties and raging in anger as the people felt that everything that’s going on in the country is affecting their savings account and their rice bowl. The people are also questioning BN’s capabilities and credibility to develop the country and people wanted changes. Old tricks are not working anymore, and the people’s eyes are politically opened. The people wanted changes, and would do anything to get what they want.

So, now, what does a a desperate man who is about to inherit more liability rather than asset from his benefactor? The man couldn’t possibly just sit down and wait, could he? He have to do something to secure his position after he inherit the post. That’s a rational thing to do. What’s more, the desperate man, DPM Najib is also a man with suspicious background and full of scandal. Rumours had it that he was involved in the inhumane murder of a Mongolian model, Altantunya Shariibu and not to mention the doubtful Eurocopter purchase that he made in 2008. DPM Najib have to do something, quick before he becomes PM (I suppose he will be PM somewhere around March, if Pak Lah didn’t decide to flip-flop again). He needed more power and more support or else, he’s doom to be a PM with weak government and people who couldn’t wait to thwart him from his position by using those rumours against him. He couldn’t afford that, could he?

So what’s better than to have a bigger majority in his government? What’s better than that, dear readers? By having more majority in his government, he will have more power and support, and the possibility that various party go against him would definitely lessen once he become PM. It is common knowledge that people of various background would do almost anything in favour of the number one man. Just see at the ungrateful pigs who turned their ass to Tun Dr. M during his dispute with Pak Lah. Most were Tun Dr. M’s supporter when he was in office. It’s human nature. Or rather, Malaysian nature. Once a man have power and influence, then the people would lick their dirty shoes in order to get benefit from the powerful man. DPM Najib is fully aware of this, so perhaps this is why he decided to ‘convince’ people from Pakatan Rakyat Perak to join BN and overthrow the the Perak government. Whether or not 50million was involve, I’m not sure. But it is interesting to note that all the ‘frogs’ that jumped over to BN have a nasty unresolved corruption case.

This is how the political chess game unfold:

Jan 25: Umno’s Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim quits Barisan to join PKR.

Jan 26: Perak Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali takes responsibility for defection. Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin claims three more will leave Umno and join PKR.

Jan 27: Nasarudin goes into “hiding”.

Jan 28: Tajol Rosli quits as Perak Umno liaison chairman. Nasarudin resurfaces, says he will not change his mind. Barisan drops first hint of defections from PKR.

Jan 29: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak takes over as Perak Barisan chairman and state Umno liaison chairman.

Jan 30: Nizar dismisses talk that both Jamaluddin (Behrang) and Mohd Osman (Changkat Jering), who were charged with corruption last August, would be crossing over. Several Umno assemblyman claim PKR agents had approached them to cross over.

Jan 31: Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman go “missing”. Eight Umno branches in Bota disband, members join PKR.

Feb 1: Perak state assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar releases undated resignation letters signed by the two. Both deny resigning and claim they were forced to sign the letters after the March 8 elections.

Feb 2: Sivakumar submits the resignation letters to the Election Commission and declared seats vacant. Nizar meets Sultan of Perak. Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman fail to show up at press conferences.

Feb 3: EC rules that Changkat Jering and Behrang seats are not vacant. Both assemblymen quit their seats to become Independent. Perak deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong goes “missing” but later states she is still with DAP.

Feb 4: Hee turns Independent. Nizar meets Sultan in bid to have assembly dissolved. Najib announces fall of Pakatan government and says Barisan is ready to take over.

They have done the castling, where Umno’s Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim quits Barisan to join PKR and Perak Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali takes responsibility for defection. Nasaruddin then goes into hiding God knows where and Tajol Rosli quits as Perak Umno liaison chairman. I’d say, this is castling as DPM najib moves in to take his position-probably by doing so, he could easily influence the three creeps to jump over to BN with his ‘strong persuasion’.

And BN also manage to do the ‘Check’ on Pakatan Rakyat government by persuading the frogs to be on their side and gain majority in the process. And what’s more impressive, they got the Sultan to back up their assess too and new MB from BN is sworn in.

But have they really done the ‘Checkmate’? Have they truly done the ‘Checkmate’ and earn the people’s trust and truly gain power? As even when the Perak ruler, Sultan Azlan Shah granted permission to BN to form a new state government, the consequences are not support from the people, but the people’s wrath instead as the people felt cheated. Even though there are people who can’t be bothered of who will be governing the new Perak government, but most felt that the Sultan has made a rash and unwise decision by not allowing the DUN to be dissolve and allow the people to choose their government all over again. After all, people voted for the three because they were in PKR, not because they were in BN in the first place. BN has once again rob the people’s voice mercilessly. The Sultan too is a victim in this political chess game.

People started to loose their admiration towards the Sultan for his rash decision in quest for his state political stability. No kings wanted instability in his state, and if I was put in the same position of the monarch, I would want a quick solution too by ending all the political mayhem as soon as possible. Perhaps Tuanku Sultan has forgotten that this is not Tun Dr M’s time where things could be stabilize as quickly as possible. This is the time where there are many young sly fox with plans and benefits in mind, and patience is needed to play the political game. Such quick decision would not resolve the political uncertainties, but will make the ruler unpopular among the people who are becoming more and more aware of the political environment by each passing day.

Anyway, my congratulations are in order to to BN, DPM Najib&co for succeeding in screwing the peace once again. So much for promising to improve the economy and recession-proof the country instead of politicking.

Cleffairy: Politicians will always be politicians. Their words never synchronize with their action. Everything may change, but I suppose this is the only thing that will never change. Such a comfort to know, isn’t it?



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12 Responses to The right move? Castling? Check? And checkmate?

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  2. Those politicians are always like that.
    Behave like that and try to find so many excuses just to make people like them, are we like them?

    Disgusting tactic again. What the heck with those politicians nowadays? Stupid actions and think everyone will just agree with them…wth

    Anyway, I dun like this kind of party-hopping. It kinda betrays the vote that was given by the voters, who are sure disgusted by this scenario.
    I would rather the assembly dissolved to get a firm answer from the rakyat whether support in BN has been revived or voters r still dumping BN.
    Juz dun understand how can Nasarudin jumped from Umno to PKR, then back into the former some 10 days later. It’s crazy.
    If BN loses Perak again in the next polls, I wouldn’t be shocked by then.
    But I have to agree it’s also a big slap in Anwar’s own face, since he kept mentioning of huge crossovers on Sept 16, causing nth but anxiety to the ordinary folk who are not aligned to any side of the political divide.

    Well, it’s unfair for those voters. That’s what happened in our beloved Malaysia. How come we want to produce a First World society with this Third World mentality people? Politicians are behave like argh! I can’t find the good word for it.

    It’s just like want to curse them anyway…

    UMNO said want to change, but still that corruptive old way….. i juz wish i could repeat WWII history on them….

  3. eugene says:

    hey, next time if this Najib is on TV, look closer to his demeanour,especially when he smiles,it is plain cunning and sly.

    Look at us now, we have upcoming PM,who would weild his power to go against the fundamentals just to prove his power. I really who would come out of this man when the baton is passed to him.

    He just cant f**ing care about the economy, the people and their well being, he is so crazy about proving himself that indeed he can do the impossible.

    Our democracy progress has taken few steps back, if we are not careful about our politic and economy behaviour, we will soon falter to become just another 3rd world country.

    GOD Bless Malaysia

  4. szusz says:

    welcome to the world of political power play!

    dap and the rest of the pkr gang is a novice compared to the seasoned politicos like najib. i am not defending what bn did but these ppl are sly and they know how to thwart their ways around the laws and constitutions. the fact is simple, if one doesnt know what is going on in their own camp and that results in losing seats that in turn make you lose majority that’s just plain stupidity to me. and too bad bn benefit from all this and validly forms a government.

    i think pkr gang needs more experience. the world isnt pretty and its gonna get messier from here on.

  5. Sinatra_Z says:

    funny how you fail to mention Anwar Ibrahim’s grand sept 16 plan, is it not undemocratic as well?
    And how you fail to mention that it was Pakatan Rakyat first who started taking BN’s ADUNs from Perak.

    And now Pakatan Rakyat is angry and throwing a Tantrum because BN manage to do what they wanted to do but Fail to do so since last year!

    Perhaps the hypocrisy are clearly shown here, a news clip oh not from Utusan, The Star or NST but Al Jazeera…

    Anwar, who last year tried to seize power nationally with the aid of defecting government MPs, said the opposition alliance would not quit the Perak government but would appeal to the royal leader for fresh polls.

    “Such a takeover [in Perak] is really a big blow to democracy and insults the wisdom of the masses,” he told The Associated Press news, while calling for fresh elections.

    I find it very one sided and biased at how angry you are a Najib’s/BN evil scheming against the will of the rakyat and democracy move yet kept an elegant silence of Anwar’s game, Lim Guan Eng’s congratulations of BOTA adun when he defect to PR and how they used to put the Sultan of Perak in high regard because he asked to revamp the judiciary but now wanting to sue him because he made the decision which is not to their fancy.

    You Reap what you Sow.
    And I don’t think PR has the right to throw tantrum when they lose in a game that they started.

  6. Sinatra_Z says:

    Well in case of memory failure or maybe selective ones let me help you remember these things to help things be put into perspective. Hey maybe it will inspire you to look at things slightly differently and maybe write a new post…

    And if you decide to google for “Anwar Ibrahim 26 January” at google (which the date BOTA Adun crossed to PKR) you will find something from Anwar Ibrahim’s blog… Alas it is conviniently not available, suddenly. Must be Najib’s doing.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Actually, I also failed to mention about our current PM… I’m no Anwar’s supporter, his power thirsty attitude disgust me to no end, but I also have something against a man who tends to sleep around and only have interest to get laid instead of running a country. And having a man who’s rumoured to bomb a woman to death doesn’t sit well with me, no matter how fucking good he is in screwing his opponent.

    Give me Tun Dr. M any day, dude, I’ll be happier woman. Unfortunately, the time of glory for Malaysia is long gone and here comes the time of fucking nonsense. It doesn’t matter who is the Pm or who is next in line, the man shall never amount to half of what Tun Dr. M did for the country. Don’t believe it? Watch it.

    Make no mistake, just because I did not support what pigs does in this country, doesn’t mean I take the dog’s side either.

  8. isley chang says:

    A set back for PR politics game. Is very unfortunate that the PR state Government in PERAK is collapse even before reach its 1st anniversary of 8th march. I’m very hope that it can last for the next GE at least. But never expect BN also like to play defection game.

    Is true that the PR is the one start this game but who is the one who condemn it loudly at the 1st place as the DSAI plan his game at 16 Sept?? Now they (BN) also use the same trick which they dun recognize. How hypocrite they are…..

    As we can see that the defection drama starts when this bota assembly decide join PKR then few days later rejoin back to UMNO. Is very obvious that BN has already got the upper hand in this game and a lot of opportunity. What PR fails to see is that the government have enough ‘resource’ to play this game.

    And it is also very obvious that our DPM is tried his best to avoid a fresh election in the state of PERAK. Why so afraid of election if BN so strong and have people support? That is why they rather to turn them self into hypocrite rather then to lose another election??

  9. Sinatra_Z says:

    My head hurts with politics,
    I want to go watch Anime.

  10. cleffairy says:

    Isley, exactly my sentiment. Why are they avoiding for a fresh election if they really think that the rakyat is on their side? Perhaps they know that they will loose, that is why no matter what they do, they refuse to go for fresh election. Why else, indeed? Either that, or they are just chicken la. Put those freaks in PKR’s smelly shoes, sure they also go crazy like some wild boar and demands for fresh election. I bet my my wages on it!

  11. chrisau says:

    Though I follow the Perak’s news closely since Im a Ipohrean, it’s still the same to me whether it’s PR or BN govt.

  12. cleffairy says:

    Chris… you’re so damn right. Malaysia is too small for democracy, actually. Either BN or Pakatan must fall, or we will never have peace. These two bigs boys can never learn to play together, can they?

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