Glitz and glams of Malaysian Politics

I’ve always hated to do things when I’m forced to do so. And even if I did do something against my will, I will make sure the one who  forced me to do something pays dearly for my troubles. But Eugene’s weekly quiz is something i usually look forward to doing. So, here’s my take on this week’s edition of Friday quiz:

1) We have from Hollywood Spiderman and Batman, and from Malaysia we have Cicakman,what can you come out with the Malaysia’s version of Wonder Woman?

Tudung Woman, of course. Did you think they FINAS and the censorship board approve a female superhero parading around wearing her wonder bra  or panties outside?

2)Why do you think Paris Hilton wanted to be a celeb despite her fortune from her Hilton’s wealth ?

What makes you think that Hilton Group is making money? Maybe they’re full of liabilities? But then again, Paris is a blond. Being a blond celebrity is more fun than running a bunch of hotel.

3)If you were to be asked to come out with another “Reality Show”, what would it be?

Lompat Si Katak Lompat, featuring all sort of Malaysian politicians doing their froggy and flip-flopping performance.
4)In your opinion,do you think Pamela Anderson can be famous without her voluptious asset?

Are you kidding me? Her large titties and boobies are the one that actually act, not Pam herself.

5)How many celebs can you name who used the names of food as their performing names ?

I have no idea, but you can just look up Hong Kong celebrity on the Internet and you’ll bound to come across a dozen that use apple, orange, cherry or even strawberry as their name.

6)If Badawi were to make a block buster movie, what should he name this show?

Sleeping in Putrajaya, The Sleeping Ogre,  While I am Sleeping.

7)If Najib were to make it big in Hollywood,what glamourous name should he embrace?

Shake my bomb bomb or Najib the bombastic.

8) In the US we have Hollywood, in India we have Bollywood, in Malaysia what ___wood,please fill in the blank?

Sleepywood or Flippingwood.

9)Which two Malaysian’s politicians are most suitable in carrying out this part in the “Titanic” You Jump, I jump ?

Hee Jit Fong from Perak and that feller Arumugam who fled to Chennai.

10)Give a try for this finale.What is the famous song that you’d suggest Badawi to sing for Najib at the handling over ceremony?

Bye Bye Bye, Mr. Bombastic, and Don’t Cry For Me Malaysia.

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15 Responses to Glitz and glams of Malaysian Politics

  1. Bye Bye Bye, Mr. Bombastic, and Don’t Cry For Me Malaysia…

    That’s hillarious!
    Seriously..each time Uncle Eugene weekend’s questions came out..I’ll read it carefully..and try not to miss out reading your answers..LOL!
    I been bounded by laws of students..huhuhu~

  2. mcky1224 says:

    Cleff, could you please lend me your hand? I need help for a 10 minutes script of Choral Speaking. Could you please help? RSVP in

  3. Chris says:

    haha….that’s funny expecially pam anderson part. awww..i miss her and her assets in her younger days ….

  4. Celine says:

    Your blog never fails to make my day! I love the Paris Hilton part!

  5. CK says:

    You are funny and very creative! Good work. You love movies a lot as can see from your answer. Hehe.

  6. fufu says:

    well… what can we do huuh?? just dont give the votes to BN for the coming election =)

  7. calvin says:

    alamak…..i havent answered eugene’s post yet. have to do it by tomorrow… 😛

  8. KevinP says:

    Bye Bye Bye, Mr. Bombastic, and Don’t Cry For Me Malaysia… all 3 oso Idol punya answer.. :).

    Whatever it is… we get screwed..

  9. amoker says:

    Hollywood, Bollywood, BolehWood.


  10. simplethought1 says:

    HI!!! I’m PAT from Philippines.I have started my new blog and i feel ur Blog contains attractive features that i liked.So what i have done is that i have added your name in my blog roll.So if u really like me means please add me in your friends list and afterwards we can share our experiences.Ok Friend bye for now and see you in next post.Happy Blogging…

  11. cleffairy says:

    Zara….Eugene’s questions are always funny. I enjoyed answering em. They crack me up and make my day.

    , late reply over here. grinz. But I hope the emails are helpful.

    …Pam is not my type. I’m not ‘less’, so no comment. LMAO.

    Celine…I dunno what I’d trade just to be a bimbo like Paris for just one day! Surely it’ll be damn relaxing!

    CK…thank you for your compliment. I do love movies, but then again, these days i barely have time to even breathe, what’s more a movie. *sigh* I’m pathetic!

    …better give undi rosak. LOL… both BN and opposition also cannot use wan!

    Calvin…lol…itulah, procrastinate summore. LMAO….

    …you’re so damn right, we’re totally screwed, inside out, upside down, in so many style! Kamasutra also kalah, tau?

    Amoker….will soon be a new era…Boomboomwood!

    Pat… I’d love to exchange link with you, but you din leave me your blog add. =.=

  12. gregchai says:

    i just love your answers hehehehe, hilarious now i know where to get good answers to Eugene’s weekend quiz hehehehe.

    Happy weekend, BTW there’s a new quiz by Eugene hahahaha just in case he forgot to remind you 😀

  13. simplethought1 says:

    yah… thanks… its really my first time….
    get in touch 🙂

  14. rhdazvstg says:

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  15. Ex Back says:

    My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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