Joke of the century by PM

I’m not in a very jovial mood today. My mood stinks, and I’m a PMS-ing bitch morphed into a huge, terrifying mob. Any creature that crossed path with me today will be subjected to my wrath and vengeful claws. Cows, pigs, bitch and bastards, kindly keep away from Clef today or be prepared to experience the torture of hell.

Just a short entry to laugh at the irony and blatant lies by another of our politicians.

PM said today that there’s no 2nd class citizens in Malaysia. Malay, Chinese, Indians, and other races who are citizens of Malaysia will be treated EQUALLY and FAIRLY.

AND YET, WHAT THE HELL IS ‘KETUANAN MELAYU’ OR ‘MALAY IS SUPREME RIGHTS AND CANNOT BE QUESTIONED’? What the hell is that all about? How can the races in Malaysia be treated equally and still have the Malay Supremacy factor intact? I’m not sure if it’s possible.

While I appreciate PM’s effort to persuade the citizen to trust UMNO/BN once more by trying to show how fair and just UMNO/BN can be, yours truly call this an ultimate bullshit in the form of sugarcoated words. Lies. Blatant lies. Why did I say that?

Well, elementary my dear readers. One cannot be treated equally as the others as long as a certain race is given special rights and privileges and placed at a higher class and hierarchy in the society. As far as I’m concern, Malay rights and whatnot will still be intact and cannot be questioned until this world goes kaboom. So why bother making such a lie or state things that cannot be done? This is just an empty promise.

It’s just not possible to treat everyone fairly in every single areas when a certain race is deemed untouchable or should be given a bigger share of a piece of cake. The PM cannot force a horse to drink water, and mindsets cannot be changed overnight too.

Cleffairy: Liars liars, bombs will pants on fire! I think Malaysians will be satisfied enough if our economy are stable and prospering. Most Malaysians do not ask much…most are grateful enough to have enough cash to feed themselves and their family, and still have some savings in their account. While all of us here are damn grateful that the sleepyhead is back to dreamland, we do not appreciate another Micheal Jackson who lied about his plastic surgery in the making. Please do not make empty promises. We’re not children.

-This entry will be made private in 3 days time.

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12 Responses to Joke of the century by PM

  1. kellaw says:

    equal my foot!!

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  3. KevinP says:

    Clef… equality is in the eyes of BN. OneMalaysia says he… one UMNO, one MCA, one MIC.. that to him is OneMalaysia.. seems like Malaysians are sooo gullible. Sorry v busy.. my year end stock take so my blog goes on cold storage.

    • cleffairy says:

      Yoz, bro, I just got back my internet. LOL…. headed to your blog and is fuming bout the pirated DVD stuff. Gonna drop you a line when I can. So pissed la!

  4. Tera Bok says:

    Is this one of those empty promises that will be eventually be amended as taken out context thingy?

    • cleffairy says:

      I daresay it is, Tera. Since when the world is fair and just, and equality and human rights is practiced at 100% in Malaysia? I bet my whole month wages that there is none.

  5. eugene says:

    Just tell me one thing, why am i not a bumiputra, i was born and bred here,,,,,,,that’s not 1 malaysia, but 2 or 3

  6. Cheeyee says:

    Well say only mah…… this is something they like to do. I’m “immune” to all this talks liao, so no effect to me. Hahaha

  7. fufu says:

    yeah we definitely need PLENTY of time =)

  8. Shereen says:

    as long we called ourselves Chinese/indians/Malays..we will never be united..

    Next time when an ang-mo ask: What race are you?

    You answer: Malaysians

    Ahh..then we Malaysians will be united and our country will prosperous in no time..

    Malaysia has all the natural resources, abundant of it..
    Yet the idiotic leaders “bergaduh” like small kids!

  9. chrisau says:

    aiya..i dun bother to read papers liao la…

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