Public Service Announcement: H1N1 Quarantine

This is a public service announcement to all Over A Cuppa Tea readers.

All those on AirAsia Flight AK5358 last Wednesday, 13 May 2009 from the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang to Penang is advised to report themselves to the nearest health department for H1N1 screening and to be placed under home quarantine if necessary.

Passengers with any flu symptoms must get themselves warded at the nearest hospital immediately. The five crew members on the flight have already been located and quarantined for further investigation.

There were 102 passengers all believed to be Malaysians on the flight, among them the country’s second A (H1N1) flu case, a 21-year-old female Malaysian student who had flown in from the United States.

And up to date, The Health Ministry is still searching for 76 passengers on board on AirAsia AK5358 and MAS MH091 on May 13 who were exposed to two patients infected with the virus. Those passengers must join the others in home quarantine and call 03 88810200/300 immediately.

The seven passengers who were yet to be located had been on the MAS flight from Newark, United States while another 69 were on the AirAsia flight from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Sepang to Penang.


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14 Responses to Public Service Announcement: H1N1 Quarantine

  1. kenwooi says:

    wow thanks for the information!

  2. Garfield says:

    the news actually already showed on the news on TV.

    but it is good it in blog, since nowadays not much ppl read news or watch news from tv, only read blogs…

    • cleffairy says:

      I also lazy wanna read newspaper or watch news. Full of fucking propaganda and the news are usually biased. It’s sickening! 😦

  3. Aiya 5358 not nice number leh, no wonder have to quarantine. Mmmmm, maybe bet sports toto RM1 one big one small and 6D 102091 for Wed. Hope not sold out! LOL!

    • cleffairy says:

      LMAO… wtf, Pete… toto pulak… but eh… if can kena toto den nice ahhh… can shake leg at home d!

  4. Garfield says:

    u cannot just buy the number directly, the order of the numbers might be changed when the result release.

    i suggest u to “bao” the numbers, then sure win already 1

  5. Cheeyee says:

    Thanks for sharing. hehe I’m one of those who seldom read news and not to mention watch new from tv as I hardly watch tv at home. 🙂

    • cleffairy says:

      =.= join the club…these days, I also hardly watch news. When I go home, I have to concentrate on my family. The only time that I could watch news or do my own things is during midnight, but then, by the time the clock strike 12, I’m already half dead and ready to hit the bed. LOL… I am sure things works almost the same way for you. 😀

  6. Garfield, wah pau 4D and 6D, have to buy many numbers lorrr! LOL

  7. I don’t watch a lot of news nowadays so this helps a lot. Haha. Don’t watch news anymore bacause the news keep on revolving around UMNO, BN then back to UMNO. Boring.

    • cleffairy says:

      Well, that’s becoz UMNO owns the press. =.= All have the same agenda setting, and plus, there’s no absolute media freedom in Malaysia. It sucks, isn’t it?

    • Garfield says:

      i am totally agree with u,
      now i watch news just watch about those disaster news such as accident at where,
      plague etc kind of thing only

      everytime there is political news, i am yelling at the TV and say “Fuck you lar! fake news!”

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