Are you lonely and loveless?

Are you guys lonely and loveless? In need of something to fill up the void and the lonely heart? Or you’ve always been left unsatisfied? Here’s a little bit of something for you adults to see. It’s been in my email for quite some time now, courtesy of a friend of mine, and I thought before I delete it from my email, I’d share this piece with you.


Cleffairy: Sometimes, being alone does not mean you cannot have fun… LMAO…anyway, Over A Cuppa Tea author does not condone extra-marital or pre-marital sexual affairs. Read at your own risk, and always remember that safe and responsible sex is cool!

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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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24 Responses to Are you lonely and loveless?

  1. amoker says:

    Hemm… haha. Thanks. NEver knew that there are such positions. But i do know that the most popular self position by guys is called the vacuumizer …

    I am busy too the last few weeks and have not been visiting.. hehe. Do take care ya.

  2. Christopher says:

    long awaited post….. finally..haha…

  3. Very imaginative!……..Don’t leave your ‘hubby’ home alone! ha ha ha! LOL

  4. JustinH says:

    wtf-ness xD
    this is so creative =P

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  6. eugene says:

    let the imagination run wild,ya//

  7. stephy-nie says:

    lol. weird positions. Gosh people and their imaginations can run pretty crazy huh? XD

    • cleffairy says:

      Weird, indeed, and I dun think it’s completely safe too, Steph… looks that one could easily injure themselves while engaging in such activities.

  8. kenwooi says:

    kinda weird the images.. lol..

  9. Kelvin says:

    lol thanks for the post, make me laugh real hard!!

  10. jen says:

    very lonely & loveless here *rolleyes*
    but i can’ view the attachment :<

    • cleffairy says:

      Haiyorrr, Jen…. takkan lonely pulak? LMAO… i tot you got secret admirer? Send you roses summore… lmao!

  11. kruel74 says:

    I have a mug which choose for you sexual positions but it is for couple. Quite hilarious too

  12. claire says: too late to try all those.. bones might not be able to take them positions…aiyoh… also 2ndly, mana ada partner nak try?? hahhaa…

    ok , back to serious biz, firstly, sorry cleffairy…about the potato chicken recipe, i dont know which post i should write the recipe on.. i chose this love and loveless one since it is meant to be hilarious…

    here goes the chicken…potatoes…

    half chicken (up to u how much u want) season with kicap, tapioca flour, salt, pepper….)
    5 or 6 potatoes… (depends too)
    2 big onions
    itu saja…

    Cut potatoes to slices and fry them first and put them aside…
    Then with lesser oil, fry the garlic and big onions…
    Put in the chicken pieces and till 3/4 cooked…
    Put in the potatoes as well, add water…. and simmer till cooked…


    Put the pic in yr blog when u r done with it… hahaha….happy cooking!

    • cleffairy says:

      LOL…haiyorrr, dun try la, later break the bones. I oso dun dare to try la…. wait later break my own neck only.

      OMG, Claire, dun apologize lah… lol… I’ve been thinking of new stuff to cook at home. Everytime same thing only…I think the labrats in my house also eat until sienz oredi. LOL…

      Thank you so much for the recipe, might try it this weekend…but dun dare to put the pic on the blog la…. lol… my cooking usually looks ugly. 😛

  13. claire says:

    not to worry.. as long as our brats are eating..who cares about ugly or not.. :))

    Have a nice weekend….

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