Learn, dammit, people, learn!

Why do we Malaysians always seems to go backwards instead of forward? A fine question to ask, dear readers. A very fine question to ask indeed. The answer to that bloody question is quite simple, actually. It’s because we refused to learn, and we refused to advance.

Maybe we Malaysians did not do it on purpose, and many would defend themselves that they do not have that sort of mindset, but then again, with people who constantly claim that if learning certain subjects in English is a betrayal to their race, religion and whatnot, then they are actually moving backward, and not moving forward. Why do I say this? I say this because we are still undeveloped in certain ways.

We lack research. We also did not come out with our own technologies to contribute to the entire human race. In one way or another, we still depends on people whose first language is not our mother’s tongue for knowledge. We are still incapable of doing research on our own to come out with vaccines for many disease. We still need the assistance from our Western counterparts to work with us and come out with new technologies so that we can use it for the good of our own people.

We also do not come out with new technologies to assist humankind in their daily lives. We still depend on people whose language is either English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and whatnot for knowledge that is beyond us. It is not logical to expect people to learn our language and translate their knowledge into our mother’s tongue just because we refuse to make an effort to learn the language that the knowledge was translated into. This is just like we’re telling the entire world that we are hungry, but we refuse to take the spoon and feed ourselves, and instead, we want to be spoofed so that we can fill our stomach. It’s obnoxious, isn’t it? When a chef cook up a delicacy and serve the dishes in a silver platter, he would expect us to pick up the cutleries with our very own hands and feed ourselves, wouldn’t he? Tell me… if there is any chef in the world that would willingly spoon feed a fully grown normal adult? Same goes with knowledge. Why should anyone bother to learn our language and translate their knowledge for us when we refuse to learn the bloody language just because we claim that we are betraying our race or religion by learning their language? It is our loss that we could not understand what they are talking about, not theirs.

I bet the late Einstein would have kicked himself in the grave if he’s told that his theory on time traveling is quite wrong-he said that people could possibly travel into the future, and not the past. Well… Malaysians are traveling into the past, where people’s thinking are orthodox, chauvinist and not liberalized in many ways. I’ll give credits where it’s due. We do advance physically in some ways, thanks to our visionary leaders who made it possible. But our thinking is still in dinosaur’s age.

Two days ago, I came across a news where a certain bastard who is all against teaching science and maths in English. He claimed that by doing so, it’s a betrayal to his race. Well, coming from a bloody bastard who was sacked from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office back in 1998, I’m sure like hell the man is playing racial cards to get some ignorants to achieve his goal. Don’t you think so, dear readers? The man is merely getting people to back his loose ass up so that he could be on top. Well, dream on. I don’t think people will support a man who run like the biggest coward when his underlings are in trouble. I am not one of those with a fickle mind. When the sleepyhead was in office, I slammed him because he never did accomplish anything but wreak economical havoc in the country. What’s more, he merely use religion as his platform to be popular, and his campaign soon backfires. I’d be honest. I did hope that someone will overthrow him, but definitely not our Mr. Anu… he is simply not fit to be PM.

Anyway, back to the subject. I support learning other people’s language, and to me, learning is not a destination, but a lifelong  journey.

My English can be considered mediocre, and I daresay I do not speak the Queen’s English on daily basis, but I can guarantee you that if one day I were to be thrown into a country where their first language is English, I would survive and at least, when people are casually calling me names or insulting me into my very face, I would understand what they are delivering.

Cleffairy: Foolish ignorants are everywhere. Will someone please send them back to school so that they can be taught on how to use their bloody brain?


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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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24 Responses to Learn, dammit, people, learn!

  1. claire says:

    I know who u meant, Cleffairy, I was most shocked and astonished too when he said that.. I wonder whether the media had misinterpreted his interview or not… sigh… i tot our country has a chance to improve and now this…. don’t they know what damage they have done to the poor children if they take away the international language??? I “mourn” with u over this matter, CLeffairy….really….

    • cleffairy says:

      I dun think so, Claire…I dun think they misinterpret his words. PPSMI have been quite a racial issue lately in Malaysia. I guess, naturally, the politicians, Anwar not excluded, wanted to make ‘popular’ statement to gain support.

      Anyway, if we do not speak English to our kids in the future, I dun think the kids will even bother to speak or even write the language in the future. This is so pathetic!

  2. Zara says:

    Totally unbelievable today’s situation. Me and myself is not really good in English as well, but hell yeah, we do practice it everyday. They might change the policy according to wtf situation. I was pissed off and still pissed off actually. Now I’m working as temporary teacher, and teach in BM which almost make me almost die. T__T.

    • cleffairy says:

      LOL… Zara, my dear, you are a very patient person, and yet, you also can’t take it? I am not sure what I’ll do if I’m put in your shoes!

  3. eugene says:

    Hello, hello, you know being a politician they are good at playing to the
    gallery, you just cant say otherwise if you know that if you do,you are only courting backlash, so what do you do, you play to the gallery, you cant hit the sport where it hurts the most, you know?

    As far as i am concerned and as far as i am a Malaysian, a Chinses per se, i am all for teaching English in S and M, it will make us stronger and thinking out of the norm.

    Cheers for a better Malaysia

    hey send my regards to little adrian and happy weekend

    • cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Malaysia Boleh ma, Eugene. I bet now you’re worried for your two boys. Now they abolished PPSMI, and BM is all in favout in teaching Science and Maths. I bet your boys will have a hard time and be confused soon!

  4. Cheeyee says:

    You are right that we should move forward and not going backwards. There are group of people from older generation (like my parents) who cant read and talk well in English, they have to depends on us the children to do translation to them. If our next generation cannot master the international language better than us…. I cant imagine when our children grow up… what will be the situation like.

    • cleffairy says:

      My MIL dun even speak BM, and even if she have all the time in the world to learn, I doubt she’ll make the effort. And she still thinks that Malays and Chinese are still enemies and have to be careful to each other. Everyday is May 13 to her. Full stop. These kind of people who refused to learn and advance and discriminative is everywhere. *sigh* I might as well head shot myself!

  5. jen says:

    “…learning is not a destination, but a lifelong journey.”

    very well said, love that statement of yours =)

    • cleffairy says:

      I always believed in that statement, Jen. We learn til the day we die, there’s no compromise in that. 😀 I am sure you believe in the same thing.

  6. Celine says:

    That’s why Malaysia is still MALAYSIA now! We are no one compared to other countries. Can you imagine that there are still people who don’t know that there’s actually a country named Malaysia?

    Those bastards, keep playing with the racial issues! I am freaking pissed of them! They always say that all races are equal. But are we same with those HIGHLY PRIVILEGED malay? Sigh! This is Malaysia, Negaraku!

    • cleffairy says:

      Sigh… I know, some people think this is still Tanah Melayu (Malaya)! Highly privilege? Well, I always think that privileges should only be given to handicaps…don’t you tink so too, Celine?

  7. BlurryLeo says:

    When people are lazy to learn, there are always 1001 excuses. When one has the passion to learn, there is no excuse needed at all. Bolehland mah, everything BOLEH. Giving 1001 excuses also considered as “Boleh!”. Sad but true.

    • cleffairy says:

      Well said, BlurryLeo…if there’s a will, there is a way. Malaysians are actually very clever. Clever in being lazy and giving excuses.

  8. Garfield says:

    When malaysia have own technology, the gov never appreciate it.
    then these technology will usually sold to other country….

    and the funny thing is, we learn things that created by our own ppl from other ppl…..

    wah lau e, Bolehland….

    • cleffairy says:

      LOL… not only that, our dramas oso same. Just look at Puteri Gunung Ledang. First it was banned and rejected in Malaysia cuz the actress who played the princess is not a Malay. The play was Internationally acknowledged first then only accepted in Malaysia!

  9. Alice Phua says:

    Time and again, when I check my project students’ theses, I mostly find their English Language in deplorable state. My actual role is to give comments and suggestions on how they can improve their theses’ contents, instead I end up being their English Language teacher. So with the most current policy set in place, I can expect to see the same thing (or maybe even worse!) for another 10 to 20 years to come!

    • cleffairy says:

      Sometimes, i think we’re more open minded and liberalized in the colonial times. *sigh* And the command of English was definitely better during that time.

  10. isleychang says:

    “Betrayal to their race, religion”? I don’t get it in what ways the English can harm their religion?? c’mon. The minister should think of improving their rojak language before thinking to revert the PPSMI.

    • cleffairy says:

      If Malaysians still speaks rojak language in the future, I’ll call that a blessing. LOL…. better than nothing at all!

  11. yahui says:

    hi Cleffairy! just finished catching up your posts! while you’re feeling indignant, here’s some LOL to cheer you up.


    it’s all about Bolehland, pretty beautifully written. XD

  12. Tanya says:

    blessings to you for writting a post on this.

  13. arc says:

    Your last point is damn interesting sis!!hahaha..
    err ok, this is not a laughable matter, indeed. I am thinking to move out from this country 1 day but who’s gonna take care of the young generations? XD

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