9 Wonderful Gift Ideas for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Surprise the couple with silver coins; delight them with personal greetings; consider giving a silver kitchen appliance; engrave a silver wedding anniversary plate; give 25th anniversary religious gifts; please them with a silver anniversary album; amuse them with a photo wall decor; entertain them with a hit music CD of the 80s; enchant their home with a personalized silver wind chime.  These ideas are just some of the memorable and meaningful gifts you can give to a couple celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary.

25th wedding anniversaries call for celebrations of patience, perseverance, happiness, and love.  When giving a gift for the couple, it is wonderful to make an especially meaningful present to inspire the couple to live a more fulfilled marriage.  Here are some great ides you can consider:

Surprise the couple with silver coins

Give the couple silver coins like American Silver Eagle to add up to their collection or to inspire them to start coin collection together.  You may consider including a coin album to complete the gift.

Delight them with personal greetings

One the most meaningful and memorable 25th anniversary gifts, is a record of personal greetings by close family and friends, especially by those who could not join the party and those who have lost touch with the couple.  Play the audio or video recording during the party, and your gift will surely be unforgettable.

Consider giving a silver kitchen appliance

This gift is especially great if the couple loves to cook and prepare food. Choose silver kitchen appliances or utensils engraved with their names and make them feel like they’re starting a new home and family together.

Engrave a silver wedding anniversary plate

Make them feel rewarded of the great milestone achieved in their lives by giving them an engraved silver wedding anniversary plate.  There are many customized silver plates you can find in gift shops in the neighborhood and on the Internet to choose from.

Give 25th anniversary religious gifts

Many couples believe that relationships are nothing and will never be successful without God.  No matter what religion, it is always great to remind the couple of the blessings they have received by giving them a religious gift.  You can consider a 25th anniversary cross, a silver holy family, and many more.

Please them with a silver anniversary album

Revive those old memories by giving the couple an anniversary album.  This gift is especially great if the couple are your parents.  You can load the album with pictures from their yesteryears to the present.  You can also give your parents a digital picture frame with pictures included to add to the wonderful surprise.

Amuse them with a photo wall decor

Be creative and unique with your gift.  Give the couple a collage of their wedding pictures, a portrait of couple during wedding, or a family portrait.  Restore and enlarge them or you can have them painted to make the gift even more memorable.  Finish them with silver frame to fit the silver wedding anniversary motif.

Entertain them with a hit music CD of the 80s

A great way to bring back the sweet and fun memories of the past is to give the couple a hit music CD of the 80s.  It was during the 80s that the couple started their wonderful and fruitful relationship and journey that you are now all celebrating.

Enchant their home with a personalized silver wind chime

Give their home a serene atmosphere by surprising the couple with personalized silver wind chime.  You can have their names engraved on the holder of the chimes and probably a simple dedication at the back as remembrance.

Wedding anniversaries are great milestones in life worth celebrating with family and friends.  Your gift need not be elaborate nor expensive.  What is important is that you give something from the heart.  Give with thoughts of love and well wishes for the couple that they may live a more meaningful marriage in the coming years.


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