Help needed? Fuck you!

I was a naive fool when it comes to helping people. Not to say that I am a charitable person, but then again, I usually will try my best to help people who are in need. But truthfully, I get sick and tired of helping people.

Especially in terms of financial problems-because I am struggling trying to make my ends meet and feeding my own bloody family and whatever nonsense that comes along with it. I hate it when people take advantage of me and my family, just because they know that we will try our best to help those who are in need.

I don’t know who to blame, but it seems that people around me are poor in upbringing that they are willing to go around begging for money when they are perfectly healthy and capable of earning money themselves. I may be able to tolerate for first and second time, but not the third. I had enough.

They said-they just want to borrow the money, but by the end of the day, or even years, we’ll never get back the money that we borrowed to them.It is easy to say no when they’re just friends or colleagues, but it is definitely not easy when it is your relatives or your fucking in laws. You don’t give them the money, they’ll cry foul and make people misunderstood your reluctance to help them. And  they too will tell people that you’re the kind of people who couldn’t care less if they were to suicide before your very eyes.

It is just sickening that these people simply asks for money from others, take em for their own use, not thinking that the people that they took the money from too have their own sets of financial difficulties.

Just because one does not announce to the world that they are having financial problems, it does not mean that the person in question does not have any financial problems at all. It is just a matter of common sense that one should not announce their financial problems to outsiders.

It is just horrible when you simply cannot say no to the people who asks to borrow money from you, promising you that they will soon return the money as soon as they can. But at the end or the day or decades, they will treat their ‘debts’ as something that never happened before.

I know what my father will tell me if I told him such problems that’s bothering me at the moment. He will definitely tell me that all of these nonsense has to stop. There is no easy way in settling your problems or succeeding in career or life, and if you have financial problems, by all means, do your best to earn the money to support yourself instead of begging around for it.

And now, I’d like to say the same thing to the certain someone in my life at the moment, only in a more crude way.

“Screw you, bastard. If you have no money, just go and sell that asshole of yours in a gay bar. It probably can fetch more money than extorting from me.”

I am sorry of this entry bothers my precious readers, but I really do hope that the certain someone will come to my blog and READ about this and stop bothering me ever again!

And no, I don’t care if this will severe our blood ties, because as far as I am concern, you only see me as an ATM machine, not your relative. All these while, my family have been helping yours and when my family is in trouble, where the fuck did you and your clan go? Not only you did not help, but you make things worst for us instead by badmouthing us. So, yeah, basically, all I’m trying to say is, go and fuck your own asshole.

Cleffairy: As much as I hate people who borrow money from others and never returning them, I don’t think I can tolerate ball -less men who runs to their mummy each time they encounter problems even more! I think most women out there are even above these men, because when they are married and have families of their own, women hardly runs back to their own family for help. Some women persevere better then some of those weaklings.

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22 Responses to Help needed? Fuck you!

  1. kikey loo says:

    i hate that kind of person too. my parents is in the situation as you. sometimes i really hate them, even they are relatives.

    • cleffairy says:

      *sigh* I wonder how your parents cope, Kikey. As for me, my bloody tempers will flare… these kind of relatives who only knows how to take advantage is just a royal pain in the ass. 😦

  2. arc says:

    screw them, sis. U’ve made the wisest choice to not help them

    • cleffairy says:

      Yeah… these kind of people are abundant in my life. *sigh* Sometimes, they will try to make you sympathize with em, but like my dad says… all these nonsense have to stop, else it’ll eat me up!

  3. Christopher says:

    yeap, very irritating indeed. Help trouble, don’t help also trouble.

  4. jen says:

    must learn to say no, especially to those with not so good creditability.
    although my ex-BFF didn’t ask me to lend her some $$, she took advantages from me by making me paid her shares for dinner, movies & outings all the time. arghh, hate myself for being so stoopit.

    • cleffairy says:

      It’s very hard to say no when it’s your family. *SIGH* But yeah, sometimes, really have to say no. 😦 You have problems with freeloaders too? *sigh* dunno why we both owez so sway lah, Jen… must mandi bunga to buang sway liao! LOL…

  5. Cheeyee says:

    This kind of person will never learn because they think if they can get the money easily from relatives, why should they go work hard for it. They are the irresponsible, self-centered type thinking others are obliged to give them a helping hand. Help them may make yourself get into financial trouble, not helping also may get yourself into trouble as they will bad mouth you. In this case, might as well don’t help. I think being bad mouth still better than get into financial trouble right? You know, this kind of people will never stop asking you once you have lend him some money before.

    • cleffairy says:

      This time more than third time liao. I am going to burst oredi. 😦 Feel like really wanna scold to their face. Not that he’s not capable of working his own butt for money. Always making excuses, den ask to borrow, borrow, borrow! here borrow abit, there borrow abit, and in the end, he dun nid to work for anything at all! Grrrrrr!

  6. eugeneung says:

    Now i very smart already, first time ok to lend but to my amount not the amount requested, if come again, i can only say i dont know when i have the cash available,, it will be forever…..hahahah

    • cleffairy says:

      People always thought I am well off…. just because when I go out with em for lunch or dinner, I pay the bills or I pay my own food. Looks can be deceiving…. people never tink that I rarely goes out to enjoy and the money all comes from saving bit by bit! Argh!


  7. kenwooi says:

    sometimes it’s best to say “NO”..

    i remembered i lent a guy RM2 in primary school, yes so long ago and i still remember, and he never returned!! grrr… and i let him off..

    now i usually dont lend money.. oh wait.. i lent a friend RM40 in uni, and he didn’t return too… -.-

  8. A friend of mine used to borrow money from me but he drives better car than mine and bring girls out for drinks…..after that I asked all my money back!

  9. amoker says:

    Hemm… i have the same problem. But i can’t say no till later in my life.

  10. Shereen says:

    I am gonna say more:
    I quit my job months ago due to my boss being such an assh*le and I am tired of him. I quit my high-paying job coz I refused to play the office politics.

    I was jobless for 2 months and have tons of bills to pay.
    The person who came and help me without me asking is my SISTER!

    Nevertheless, I listed down each and every penny she borrowed during my jobless moment. Now, with the current job I have, I am paying her bit by bit every month. Even though she don’t want, I told her to keep it for her emergency use.

    I am raised to be independent and I am very embarrassed to be broke. If you borrow, no matter from who, even though from your own sister, I will pay back, every penny…..

  11. James says:

    when I go kl jie treat me dinner can mou?lols

  12. rohit kumar says:

    The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

  13. Ray says:

    Today I sit in the same boat…..NOW THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP ME!!!!!

  14. Telcee says:


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