♥To the one who says good night to me ♥

It’s been two… or was it three years since I’ve known him. I never knew that I could love a guy in a platonic  and sisterly way. He may be world apart from me, he keeps me company when I was lonely and bored to death with my mundane life. We fool around like a bunch of rascal and delights in it. He’s a younger brother that I wish I had. He is Seng. SaintSeng.My personal saint and a always a fighter in my heart.

LOL… Jie will try not to make this corny and lame, but you have always been the warrior who guards jie from the monsters. You’ve always been jie’s HERO!

Always guards jie from the aliens in Kulan Fields, the big bad wolves in El-Nath, and yes, not to mention the Papulatus Clock in the Ludibrium Clock tower. And in return jie has always let you leech jie at Skellies. LOL…(OMG, wtf, Jie let you leech!). It’s just too bad that we did not have the chance to go challenge Zakum or Horn tail together. It might have been awesome to die together again~!

SaintSeng and cleffairy a.k.a Azumeril has come a long way, and we have died countless, painful death in the most hilarious ways.

It was always a simply “Good night jie”, “Sweet dreams, jie”, and there’s always “Are you okay, jie?”, but those are the things that never failed to cheer me up and jie will treasure it forever.

Here’s from your jie, Cleffairy, the one whom you met for the first time in Henesys Hunting Ground while ks-ing noobs (tsk tsk tsk, why my lil bro so nottie wan ah?), wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Jie know now you’re on ship somewhere in Batam, probably working your butt to death and cannot reply to jie, but jie hope you’ll be happy and successful no matter where you are. Jie pray you’ll be safe on board, okay? (Careful with the Balrog on the ship ah~! LOL)

Cheers to you, Seng. This entry is in honour of your birthday, my beloved didi!

Cleffairy: Sobs! Jie’s didi grow up liao! Big boy liao! Nonid jie to tell bedtime stories liao. Wei, you go Batam dun work and paktor oni ah… dun forget buy Xmas pressie for jie oh! Just dun buy jie a dog can liao, cuz jie’s house oredi got a cat!

About cleffairy

Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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10 Responses to ♥To the one who says good night to me ♥

  1. Lord Zara says:

    happy birthday to your didi~

  2. kimberlymay says:

    What a sweet post! Best wishes to your lil’ didi!

    • cleffairy says:

      o.O Sweet? I thought it’s kinda lame and silly. Ahahaha…my lil bro is working offshore rite now… i wonder if he’ll think this sweet? LOL…

  3. Christopher says:

    wah…what a sweet jie jie. Can I be your little bro too? LOL

  4. tuti says:

    really so shweet. hard to find friendship like this. must treasure.
    happy birthday didi of cleffairy!

    • cleffairy says:

      Yes, really, really hard to find this kind of relationship. Wud’s more long distance oso. Weird, u kno? Really loved him as a little bro! Good boi…very filial, and makes me feel like a BIG SISTA! LOL

  5. calvin says:

    i was laughing my ass off when i read chris’s comment the second round…..hahahahaha. “lil brother”…..hahahaha, get it??? 😛 (i’m thinking dirty). neways, i hope i can be your beloved taiko in the future 🙂 happy belated bday saintseng.

    • cleffairy says:

      LOL… wtf, bro… ahahaha… you know Chris didn’t mean it that way. Ahahahaha…. aiyo, get your head out of the gutter lah. You overdosed on Tongkat Ali coffee again ah?

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