Sometimes, it is just so easy…

Eugene posted something about marriage and relationship, as well as trust between couples. His entry gave me a flashback or two, and I realize that no matter how much we love someone, it is just so easy to walk away under certain circumstances. Kindly head over to his blog to read the whole article.

He asked 3 question, and here’s the edited version of my answer:

Q)Why cant a lady trust the man when she is asked to?

Because when a man asked his wife to trust him, he did not make her feel secure by providing answers to her questions. Instead, he gave her more reasons to distrust him with his fucking behaviour that continuously makes her feel insecure.

Q)Why cant the man assure the woman that there is no call for worries?

Because the man took things for granted, and his ego is too big to assure his wife. He’s arrogant enough to think that his wife will meekly wait for him to return to her every goddamn day, no matter what he did outside. He thinks she is dependent on him, and probably think that she could not go on without him. EGO is the keyword. Little did he know that the wife got pretty fed up  and extremely pissed with him already, and when things gets cold between them, it is just so easy for the wife to talk away. Why bother stay in a marriage with no security and affection anyway?

Q)Why can’t they reconcile when there is really nothing happened?

Because it simply hurt too much to continue on after seeing the man’s unappreciative attitude. Women just want to be assured, loved and secure. Women wants words from her man, and if he cannot appreciate her, assure her, make her feel loved and secured, why bother reconcile? If there’s no children involved, it’s better to cut the mental damage and loss by moving on.

I answered Eugene’s questions according to what I experienced firsthand. I may and not make sense to you, but that’s the answer that came from the bottom of my heart.

Cleffairy: Marriage is made in heaven. But the problem here is, we are here on Earth.


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15 Responses to Sometimes, it is just so easy…

  1. suituapui says:

    Trust is built up between a couple over the years…and if one knows the other truly well, nothing can change that. If there is doubt, then there is no real trust and no real love – one does not know the other well enough! That is why the problems start!

    • cleffairy says:

      True. But sometimes, the man’s attitude also have to be taken into consideration in such cases. Women usually just want to be assured…why is it so hard to tell her and make her feel at ease? I don’t understand this. I was placed in such situation before too. Just because a wife trust her husband, does this mean he can dismiss her worries and act nonchalant? Women are worrywart, you see. They can worry over nothing. Men should understand that all women want is a place in her man’s heart, and some assurance. If it’s been so long the wife did not receive any affection from her husband… even if she trust him with all of his heart, she’s not entitled to feel jealous at all?

      Anyway, Cikgu, I always believe that… yes… no trust, no love. But then again, trust must be earned, not given without reason.

  2. Christopher says:

    Some ladies also difficult la, too demanding, too much expectations, immature…etc. At the end of the day, choose wisely and both gotta communicate and give n take.

    • cleffairy says:

      Why bother when things are too late? I dunno…that’s how I feel. If the man can’t give her woman assurance that he still loves her, and he takes her feelings for granted, why bother? So it’s right to say…”If you trust me, den you shut up?”. The phrase should go… “If you love me, you will trust me. And if you trust me enough, you will know that nothing happened,”

      Ladies, as you say are difficult. Too demanding, too much expectation, immature… Men, I say, take things for granted and unappreciative.

      People say LOVE=TRUST. But you can’t trust people blindly. Let’s say a man mistreat and beat up his wife and yet he claimed that he loves her, and she should trust him when he fuck around. If the woman still believes him, that is not trust, but stupidity.

  3. Joanna says:

    Very well said. As much as it takes two to clap, it takes both parties to trust each other and make things work. If there’s mutual trust, and respect I don’t think there would have been a need for this discussion in the first place. As for me, I don’t trust easily, but once I do I don’t really want to waste energy in suspicion. On the other hand, if trust is lost, I never never give it back …

    The thing is, adults should start behaving like adults and use some maturity in their actions and thoughts.

    • cleffairy says:

      Indeed. It takes two to tango, and yet, blindly trusting someone is the same like jumping into hot soup. I don’t trust people easily too, Joanna, and I often put people at arm’s length. I don’t let them into my heart easily, but when they get to know me, they will know that I am not such a fuck up bitch after all. Once I’ve given my trust to someone, I don’t expect them to break it, cuz once they do, there will be no way in hell I will trust them ever again. Trust and respect must be EARNED, not given blindly.

      LOVE=TRUST? That’s what men always says to get women to follow their lead. Love and trust is two separate thing, though they are related in a relationship.

  4. manglish says:

    hi cleffairy, thanks for visiting and here i am 🙂 btw i was on NanoWriMo too this year but i only wrote 450 words and congrats on the award 🙂

    • cleffairy says:

      Hi Manglish. LOL… you were in Nanowrimo too? Well… I didn’t kn ow that, cuz I din see you in Malaysian forum. Ahahahaha… thanks for the congrats. Maybe next year you can join the insanity again. 😛

  5. eugene says:

    Hello sister,,,,, you are right marriage is made in heaven, but the problem now is we are here on earth,,,,,, that’s so true

    • cleffairy says:

      I’ve always believed in that saying, bro. All marriages are made in heaven… but here on Earth, we will face so much problems and temptations. It takes more than just words to keep a marriage alive. It takes efforts… loads of em to maintain a marriage.

  6. shetreasures says:

    Many women are too complicated to understand.. that’s y woman came from venus, men from mars!

    • cleffairy says:

      Yups, true. Women always looks for romance, while men, they loves to create troubles all the time- Venus, Planet of Love, Mars, Planet of War.

      But wait til you have children. Children are from Pluto. They are the most alien creature that could ever exist on Earth!

  7. dolly says:

    I really like your reply on eugene’s page..
    Marriage is made in heaven, so do thunder and lightning. lolol..

    • cleffairy says:

      Yalor, yalor, Dolly. How true! Thunder and lighting oso made in heaven… lmao! Couldn’t agree more wif you. Very well said!

  8. calvin says:

    hmmmmmm….the easy way out is of course stay single…lolz. but i would take one things at a time. i believe marriage is not just to accept love, but also to give love. giving will do so much more in a relationship. communication plays a vital part in a relationship as well. cant do much without the talking.

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