Medical Uniforms research for my medical romance

I was doing research for one of my old, unpublished novel the other day. It was a medical romance where I think my description on Medical Uniforms and Lab Coats worn by the doctors and nurses in my story  were quite shabby and rather unrealistic. The description did not portray their professionalism in the fields of medicine. And I desperately need help on that. Thank God for the websites above. They’re pretty helpful in helping me describe my doctor’s and nurses’ uniforms.

I realized that I needed to rectify a lot of things as I continue reading my old manuscripts. My work was just so horrible, full of grammatical error and the description is practically killing me.

I wish I had taken more time to do research for my romance novels back then. It’s practically killing me to rectify my childish and careless mistakes now. It’s time-consuming, irritating and definitely annoying, and I tend to wonder why I was quite a dense writer back then. It was not a fantasy that I wrote, but Medical Romance where things are supposed to be realistic, but no…what I wrote was not quite realistic and I realized that I didn’t make thorough research for the case studies used in my novels.

Help me God, it’s going to be a hell of work to be done for my old novel manuscript before it can be published.

Cleffairy: I think, re-writing those old Medical Romance from scratch would be less time consuming  and less annoying than to slowly edit my old work that’s full of careless errors.


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