Always a writer, never a photographer

Yes, that’s right. Always a writer, and never a photographer. I take nasty pictures. They don’t look nice. Complaints, criticism, flames comes not by the dozens, but by hundreds for them.

If I were to be still working in the mainstream newspaper, I would be sharing my byline with my photographer instead of another journalist partner. You see, when it comes to expressing my view, I hate it when others interferes with my writings and my opinion.

If I were to  write, on a newspaper space (or anywhere for that matter), it would be mine, and mine alone. Freedom of speech, and the whole nine yards. Tough, considering that I am not living in a free country and the entire national news and media system is practically conjoin twins with the censorship board and the government who condemn exposé on their dirty little secrets and scandals.

Investigative journalism is as good as dead in this country, and what’s left are just sugar-coated,  half- baked truth the mainstream newspapers these days have the cheek to call news.Confined to an ivory tower like this…fiction is a safer bet. I’m not quite sure if it’s a fortune, or misfortune for me.

While I can be domineering when it comes to a personal writing space, I don’t mind sharing the space with a photographer, though. They make my… stories prettier and lighter to the eyes. Easier to digest. Words has always been harsh, and pictures lighten down the decibel and tones to an acceptable level for the delicate human comprehension.

I can only write and capture things through words, not pictures. That would have to be someone else’s job. I am a woman of not many talents.

Cleffairy: The truth, is not always what they tell you.


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Recently having fascination with ancient history.
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  1. kathy says:

    photo photo photo kakakaka

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